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How to conditionally add CSS classes to the body, page and node wrapper tags for easier styling

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  1. 103:19Important Drupal Theming Concepts
    1. 3:14Who these theming videos are for and what they do (and don't) cover
    2. 7:18What is the difference between designing, theming and coding, and why do they overlap so much?
    3. 10:40What are all of the different ways to modify Drupal output?
    4. 3:25How to determine which method to use when modifying output
    5. 2:31A conceptual introduction to the Features module for exporting configuration options as code
    6. 4:04How to decide whether to use a module or a theme for your modifications
    7. 2:42How to decide when to use a theme function or template file
    8. 9:52How the theme registry works
    9. 5:11How to find out where any piece of output comes from
    10. 6:05What view modes are and why you would use them
    11. 7:10How to adjust node view modes through the user interface
    12. 5:55What field formatters are and how to use them to modify field output
    13. 5:24How coding standards apply to the theme layer, and how to add comments to template files
    14. 10:53Template file coding standards and conventions
    15. 2:48How to apply CSS coding standards
    16. 4:35Theme troubleshooting and what to do when you don't see your theme output changes applied
    17. 7:31How to troubleshoot CSS problems in your theme
    18. 4:01Review of 'Important Drupal Theming Concepts' and review
  2. 81:25How to Build and Modify a Drupal Theme or Sub-Theme
    1. 7:18Overview of included themes and the themes directory, and where to put new themes
    2. 6:45How the different parts of a theme work
    3. 9:01Learning about theme structures by reviewing core Drupal themes
    4. 4:52Learning from the Zen theme file structure
    5. 2:40Learning from the Basic theme file structure
    6. 2:56Learning from the Fusion theme file structure
    7. 2:25Learning from the Marinelli theme file structure
    8. 8:20Review of the theme .info file options
    9. 4:43How to create a theme folder, add an info file and enable a custom theme
    10. 5:00How to add a screenshot
    11. 2:56How to add a default logo file
    12. 5:18How to override the page template with a page.tpl.php file
    13. 9:28How to add a new region and what regions are
    14. 4:46How to add a CSS file
    15. 4:57How to add a JavaScript file
  3. 72:58How to Build and Modify a Drupal Theme or Sub-Theme, Part 2
    1. 5:45How to add a new setting to the theme settings form
    2. 4:46How to set a default for a theme setting and use it in a template file
    3. 9:25How the template.php file works and a review of the Bartik theme template.php file
    4. 5:57Learning from the Garland and Seven template.php files
    5. 4:52How to add a template.php file and use a page preprocessing function
    6. 4:12The advantages and disadvantages of using a sub-theme
    7. 5:54How to create a sub-theme
    8. 5:15How sub-themes inherit or override base theme components
    9. 6:34How to override CSS, JavaScript and screenshot files of a base theme using a sub-theme
    10. 3:11The advantages of copying an existing theme
    11. 10:54How to create a new theme by copying an existing theme
    12. 6:13Overview of theme CSS file structures
  4. 54:45Theme CSS File Structure and Extended Drupal Theme Building
    1. 10:33A close look at the Bartik stylesheet structure
    2. 2:58A quick look at the Garland and Seven theme stylesheet structures
    3. 5:50How the Zen theme uses extensive CSS files for learning
    4. 6:42Review of the Basic and Fusion CSS file structures
    5. 5:19How to enable element toggling with theme
    6. 10:13How to add CSS or JavaScript files to a theme conditionally based on node type
    7. 9:27How to add CSS or JavaScript files to a theme conditionally based on path or user role
    8. 3:43Review and next steps for the "Theme CSS File Structure and Extended Drupal Theme Building" chapter
  5. 109:19Template Files, Theme Function Overrides and Preprocessing Functions
    1. 4:20Before you start, is there a simpler way?
    2. 13:26Why use template files, how file suggestions work, and setting up for later examples
    3. 8:54How to use the page template file (page.tpl.php) and override it by path
    4. 9:06How to use the node template file (node.tpl.php) and override it by content type or node ID
    5. 10:59How to use the block template file (block.tpl.php) and override it by module, region or delta
    6. 8:23How to use the comment (comment.tpl.php) and comment wrapper (comment-wrapper.tpl.php) template files
    7. 4:25How to name preprocessing functions to use with theme functions and template files
    8. 5:52How to use simple preprocessing functions
    9. 3:52How to apply preprocessing code only in certain situations
    10. 4:01How template file suggestions work in depth and adding new suggestions
    11. 10:29How to override template files for specific conditions using template file suggestions
    12. 2:02How to override a theme function
    13. 7:18Theme function override examples
    14. 8:10How to conditionally add CSS classes to the body, page and node wrapper tags for easier styling
    15. 4:34A practical example of adding a conditional body class
    16. 3:28Review and next steps for the "Template Files, Theme Function Overrides and Preprocessing Functions" chapter
  6. 60:04How to Work With Drupal Theme Settings
    1. 6:35What this chapter covers and basic global toggle options available in the theme setting
    2. 4:56Overview of additional element toggle options such as main and secondary menus
    3. 7:13How to tell when global or theme-specific settings are used, and how to uninstall a theme
    4. 5:54How to add a custom theme setting and set a default for it
    5. 2:43How to use the custom theme setting in code using theme_get_setting()
    6. 3:21Overview of how the color module works to add custom color selections to a theme
    7. 2:10What steps are required to integrate the color module with your theme
    8. 6:31Overview of color module integration files part 1, including the color.inc file
    9. 7:37Overview of color module integration files part 2, including the preview.js file
    10. 10:45How to add a new color selector to your theme with the color module
    11. 2:19Review of the "How to Work With Drupal Theme Settings" chapter


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