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How to deploy a feature module

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  1. 49:44Installing Git and Working on the Command Line
    1. 5:59Welcome to "Change Management and Version Control"
    2. 7:36How to install Git on Windows with mysysgit
    3. 3:05How to install git and SmartGit on a Mac
    4. 7:30How to create a Git repository and add a complete Drupal site to it
    5. 7:12Why the command line can be scary, and the benefits of conquering your fear
    6. 7:08How to navigate file structures and stop processes on the command line
    7. 3:23How to edit and save text files on the command line with VIM
    8. 2:51How to use built-in help on the command line
    9. 5:00How to create, move, copy and remove files on the command line
  2. 58:18Staging, Committing and Undoing in Git
    1. 10:53Introduction to version control
    2. 6:31How to stage and unstage files and what staging means
    3. 2:28How to commit a file and stage multiple files
    4. 5:59Why certain files are ignored and how to add your own ignored files
    5. 3:05How to commit unstaged changes and modify staged files
    6. 4:49How to use the diff command to review modifications
    7. 3:27How to use git help
    8. 5:00How to use SmartGit to view graphical diffs and revision trees
    9. 5:52How to undo modifications to staged and unstaged files
    10. 2:17How to use the log command for viewing revision information
    11. 5:51How to undo commits
    12. 2:06Quick summary of undoing in Git
  3. 34:49Branching, Merging and Tagging in Git
    1. 3:54How to move files in Git
    2. 4:06Introduction to branching and merging in Git
    3. 5:09How to create a new branch and navigate existing branches
    4. 5:14How to merge with and without branch history
    5. 1:31How to modify an existing commit message
    6. 0:52How to delete a branch
    7. 5:19How to use a stash to save uncommited changes when switching branches
    8. 3:01How to apply a saved stash
    9. 2:23Quickly commiting, merging and deleting a branch
    10. 3:20How to add, remove, list and rename tags
  4. 63:37Working With Remote Git Repositories
    1. 2:58How remote central repositories work
    2. 11:05How to create an account on GitHub and set up SSH key pair authentication
    3. 6:11How to set up a remote repository and connect to it
    4. 1:16What we'll be doing now with our remote repository
    5. 3:09How to clone our remote repository into a production environment
    6. 5:00How to push a change from dev to production with push, fetch and merge
    7. 1:33How to push a change from dev to production with push and pull
    8. 6:50How to undo commits to a remote repository
    9. 3:17How to push changes from production to dev
    10. 8:56What conflicts are and how to resolve them
    11. 3:23How to create a branch and track it remotely
    12. 6:58How to create a release with a develop-master branch system
    13. 3:01How to set up a new environment for a team member
  5. 38:05Deploying Releases, Features, and Fixes With Git
    1. 6:41How to use a scalable Git branching model called Gitflow
    2. 1:38Summary of how to use release, hotfix and feature branches
    3. 8:37How to create, deploy and clean up a release branch
    4. 1:26Release branch cycle summary
    5. 5:09How to create, deploy and clean up a hotfix branch
    6. 8:55How to troubleshoot pushes, pulls and conflicts with a feature branch
    7. 3:02Merging an update into a feature branch, then deploying and cleaning up
    8. 2:37Summary of lessons learned in the feature branch cycle
  6. 24:55How to Version Control the Database
    1. 5:50Overview of database components you can add to version control
    2. 2:57Where to store version controlled assets
    3. 2:03How to set up an assets folder that is not accessible via the web
    4. 3:31How to export a database schema for version control
    5. 4:09How to export database content for version control
    6. 3:03Cleaning up our assets folder and rolling our assets into a feature branch
    7. 3:22How often should you update version controlled database dumps and why
  7. 74:09How To Version Control Site Configuration With Features
    1. 9:25Overview of a typical push cycle, with and without version control
    2. 1:50How to download and install the Features module
    3. 10:09How to build a feature module, and how each component group works
    4. 1:47The 3 big benefits of having our components in a feature module
    5. 2:48How to revert a modification to a feature module component
    6. 3:41How to install and use the Diff module to view feature module overrides
    7. 7:44How to learn more about your feature by reviewing the code
    8. 5:33How to update a feature and review updates with Git diff
    9. 1:43How to revert a feature once changes are in code
    10. 3:08How to deploy a feature module
    11. 2:38Overview of merging multi-user changes to the same component
    12. 3:04Pushing a feature modification and explaining unsolicited changes
    13. 8:41How to merge our feature component changes and update a feature module
    14. 4:09How to organize features and implications of getting everything into code
    15. 2:57How to re-organize components into new features with the UI or the .info file
    16. 4:52Overview of other exportable components and enabling a copied feature module
  8. 25:49How To Manage Non-Exportable Configuration Changes
    1. 2:07Overview of using Selenium IDE to store config-building macros
    2. 7:08How to create and modify a Selenium macro that builds a node
    3. 4:17How to export Selenium tests and creating one more test
    4. 2:36How to keep team members up to speed with manual changes using a simple list
    5. 3:39How to package several repository modifications into multiple commits
    6. 6:02How to load and play back Selenium tests to update another environment
  9. 57:05How to Override Shared Features and Modify Text
    1. 4:53The challenges of overriding shared feature modules and some solutions
    2. 4:45How to override a box title, and how to learn about what else we can change
    3. 4:00How to override block position, and a brief overview of the Context module
    4. 2:57How to override user permissions
    5. 5:40How to override Views options like title, ajax and number per page
    6. 4:40How to override a Views query, like changing node type or order
    7. 2:52How to override a menu item title
    8. 4:51How to override variables and how the Strongarm module works
    9. 3:44How to modify interface text and version control the overrides
    10. 5:19How to use a version controlled settings.php include to share settings
    11. 6:09How to find and override strings with dynamic content or links
    12. 7:15How to override a feature module by cloning
  10. 33:12How to Upgrade Drupal and Patch Contributed Modules
    1. 8:38How to patch a module
    2. 3:46How to upgrade a module sustainably
    3. 4:11How to prepare for a minor Drupal upgrade
    4. 7:59How to use a patch to upgrade the Drupal codebase
    5. 4:56How to upgrade the Drupal codebase the traditional way
    6. 3:42How to complete a minor upgrade
  11. 37:20How to Install Drupal, Manage Features and Perform Common Tasks Using Drush
    1. 5:31Introduction to Drush, the ultimate Drupal productivity tool
    2. 2:53How to install Drush on a Mac
    3. 1:12How to install Drush on Windows
    4. 4:25How to use Drush status, help, clear-cache and archive-dump
    5. 2:04Overview of using Drush to speed up Features
    6. 5:44How to update, review and revert feature modules with Drush
    7. 3:44How to add new components to a feature module with the .info file and Drush
    8. 5:35How to download and install Drupal using Drush
    9. 2:14How to download and enable a module or theme using Drush
    10. 3:58How to update Drupal core and contributed modules using Drush
  12. 31:37How to Configure Drush and use Drush Make
    1. 3:59How to set up a Drush configuration file (drushrc.php) and use shell aliases
    2. 1:52How to set up a global Drush configuration file
    3. 4:35How to use Drush aliases to simultaneously work with multiple Drupal installations
    4. 3:43How to set up a remote site alias for Drush
    5. 3:20Why building site scaffolding is tricky and how Drush Make can save you time
    6. 1:45How to install Drush Make and any Drush extension
    7. 6:27How to create and run a Drush Make file
    8. 3:27How to generate a Drush Make file from an existing Drupal installation
    9. 2:29How to quickly generate a Drush Make file with drushmake.me
  13. 37:02How to Extend Drush and Other Useful Drush Tools
    1. 3:53How to review and filter Watchdog log messages with Drush
    2. 4:43How to add, remove and manage users with Drush
    3. 5:01How to extend Drush with PHP scripts and run arbitrary PHP on-the-fly
    4. 5:42How to pass arguments to a custom PHP script for use with the Drush php-script command
    5. 4:09How to install and use the Drush sandwich example command
    6. 4:51How the Drush example custom sandwich command works
    7. 5:20How to create a custom Drush command
    8. 3:23How to perform SQL queries in Drush and quickly set variables


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