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Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Work With Pathauto and Introduction to Views" chapter

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  1. 36:02Introduction to Our Project and Reviewing Mockups
    1. 1:49Updates to the "Build Your First Drupal 7 Web Site" collection
    2. 3:15Introduction
    3. 2:23Review of the resources sent by the client
    4. 3:11Review of the home page mockup
    5. 4:26Review of the calendar, contact us and guide page mockups
    6. 0:45Recap of files in our client resource pack
    7. 4:44How to map a mockup to existing Drupal elements
    8. 3:03How to use the administration menu and breadcrumbs to get around
    9. 4:32Overview of the Appearance page, how theme settings work and how to upload a new logo
    10. 2:02How to hide the site name in the header
    11. 4:02How to work around the disappearing logo bug
    12. 1:50Chapter review and challenges for the "Introduction to Our Project and Reviewing Mockups" chapter
  2. 35:00How to Create and Edit Content
    1. 2:16What this chapter covers and how to change the site name
    2. 6:31How to add a new page and overview of settings on the "add content" form
    3. 2:19What "node" means and how the notifications area works
    4. 3:14How to edit a piece of content
    5. 3:09How to set the default home page
    6. 4:16How to add content as a menu item and how weight works
    7. 1:44How URL aliases work
    8. 1:47Finishing adding the About Us page
    9. 1:15How to change the position of a menu item with weight
    10. 5:06Review of the Contact Us form mockup and how the Module listing page works
    11. 1:14How to find a core module that you need and enable it
    12. 2:09Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Create and Edit Content" chapter
  3. 38:03How to Work With Menus, Modules and Webform
    1. 3:57How to work with the menu listing page
    2. 1:24How to work with the menu "list links" page
    3. 4:07How to enable, edit and move a menu item
    4. 1:40How menu sorting impacts menu item weight
    5. 4:53How to find help and configure the Contact module
    6. 2:41How to disable and uninstall a module
    7. 4:32How to use the Update Manager module to install a module
    8. 2:53How to set up the initial webform container
    9. 6:01How to add an input to a webform, overview of component types and input options
    10. 4:01Adding an email input and how machine names and tokens work
    11. 1:54Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Work With Menus, Modules and Webform" chapter
  4. 41:19How to Work With Content Types and Fields
    1. 4:04Finishing up the contact us webform
    2. 3:29How to create a single item checkbox (sign up for newsletter) with Webform
    3. 2:24Testing our contact form as logged in and logged out users (anonymous and authenticated)
    4. 6:28How to view webform submissions and set up e-mail templates
    5. 2:02How content types work
    6. 3:46How to disable "published by" information and a review of the content type edit form
    7. 4:05How to add a new content type
    8. 5:38How fields work and how to use the field edit form to change a field title
    9. 3:56How to add a new field to a content type
    10. 3:23Adding the rest of the fields we need for the Tour content type
    11. 2:04Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Work With Content Types and Fields" chapter
  5. 37:54How to Work With Pathauto and Introduction to Views
    1. 3:06Previewing our "add tour" form and introduction to the Pathauto module
    2. 3:49How to install module dependencies
    3. 4:27How to change automated URL alias settings for a content type with Pathauto
    4. 1:14How to find a piece of content that doesn't have a menu item
    5. 4:28How to update URL aliases after a pattern change with Pathauto
    6. 2:00How to work with shortcuts in the shortcut bar
    7. 5:28What the Views module is for and how to install it
    8. 1:32A deeper explanation of the Views module and the view listing page
    9. 3:56Filling out the "add view" wizard
    10. 5:59Overview of the "add view" settings page and how a view "display" works
    11. 1:55Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Work With Pathauto and Introduction to Views" chapter
  6. 32:45How to Add Fields to a View and Work With the Date Module
    1. 3:05How to add a new field to a view
    2. 3:31How to set the label, wrap HTML and set default text for a field in a view
    3. 2:57How to rewrite the output of a field to include other fields
    4. 1:39How to edit a view from the view display
    5. 2:22Adding our remaining view fields in quick succession
    6. 3:22How to adjust the sort order of content in a view
    7. 4:53How to deal with module installation errors and install the Date module
    8. 4:58How to add and configure a date field
    9. 4:05How to work with the pop up calendar and extend the year range
    10. 1:53Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Add Fields to a View and Work With the Date Module" chapter
  7. 36:15How to Fix Broken Views and Work With Taxonomy
    1. 1:17How to delete a field from a content type
    2. 4:30How to deal with broken views handlers and restore unsaved view changes
    3. 3:52How to modify date formats both globally and in a view
    4. 2:42How to sort view fields and fix broken sort handlers
    5. 5:00How to change view menu settings and add a header
    6. 4:41How to add a date-based filter to a view
    7. 1:53How to delete a piece of content and modify multiple pieces of content at the same time
    8. 3:17Reviewing our guide data and adding another content type
    9. 1:02A brief explanation of taxonomy
    10. 2:11How to add a taxonomy vocabulary with terms
    11. 3:44How to add a taxonomy term reference field to a content type
    12. 2:06Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Fix Broken Views and Work With Taxonomy" chapter
  8. 35:29How to use Term and Node Reference Fields
    1. 4:53Updating the guide automatic alias pattern and adding the guide data
    2. 5:41How to share a field between two content types and why you would want to
    3. 3:39Updating our calendar view to use a new field
    4. 1:31Overview of the multiple ways to link a Views field to other related content
    5. 2:38Overview of development (dev) versions of modules and installing the References module
    6. 3:27Adding a node reference field and updating our content
    7. 3:06Updating our calendar view to use the new node reference field
    8. 4:08How to add an autocomplete (free tagging) field to a content type
    9. 2:16How to use an autocomplete field
    10. 2:02Quickly removing a field and updating our view to use a different field
    11. 2:08Chapter review and challenges for "How to Use Term and Node Reference Fields" chapter
  9. 31:46How to Work With Blocks and Permissions
    1. 2:00A comparison of our current site to the mockups
    2. 4:30What blocks and regions are, and how to use the blocks administration page
    3. 2:01How to hide the user login and "Powered by Drupal" blocks
    4. 3:40How to add a "log in" menu item to the user menu
    5. 2:04How to enable a menu block and hide a block title
    6. 1:28How to hide the secondary menu (user menu)
    7. 5:20What permissions are and how to modify them
    8. 4:40How to configure search and how cron runs work
    9. 2:22How to add a new user
    10. 1:58How roles work and how to add a new role
    11. 1:43Chapter review and challenges for "How to Work With Blocks and Permissions" chapter
  10. 31:15Overview of Permissions and Text Formats
    1. 1:24Review of how roles and permissions work
    2. 1:15What each permission does, from the Block to Menu modules
    3. 5:44What each Node or content-related permission does
    4. 2:52What each permission does, from the Path to System modules
    5. 3:37What each permission does, from the Taxonomy to Views modules
    6. 2:56What each Webform permission does, and a review of our Guide role
    7. 1:49Different methods for testing the site as another user
    8. 3:36How to use the Masquerade module to act like another user
    9. 2:28Adding a piece of content as a Guide
    10. 4:00How text formats work
    11. 1:34Chapter review and challenges for "Overview of Permissions and Text Formats" chapter
  11. 34:35Configuring Text Formats and Setting Up a Wysiwyg
    1. 3:58Review of the text format settings page and how filters work
    2. 1:34How to re-order text format filters and why order matters
    3. 2:54How to configure text format filters
    4. 2:11How to add a new text format
    5. 3:58How to configure permissions for text formats
    6. 2:05What Wysiwygs are and how to install the Wysiwyg module
    7. 1:03The problems with Wysiwygs and possible alternatives
    8. 2:39How libraries work
    9. 2:38How to install the TinyMCE library for the Wysiwyg module
    10. 3:05How the Wysiwyg "Basic settings" and "Buttons and Plugins" options work
    11. 3:20How the Wysiwyg "Editor appearance" and "Cleanup and output" options work
    12. 3:13How the Wysiwyg "CSS" settings work and our Wysiwyg in action
    13. 1:57Chapter review and challenges for "Configuring Text Formats and Setting Up a Wysiwyg" chapter
  12. 33:53Working With Custom Blocks and Image Styles
    1. 3:43How to add a custom block
    2. 2:41The difference between "URL" and "path" and how to use a "Show on specific pages" input
    3. 2:08How to modify the visibility settings for a block
    4. 0:50Seeing our new block in action
    5. 4:33How to deal with shared field conflicts (unlimited vs. limited values)
    6. 6:15How to add and configure an image field
    7. 1:48Previewing the display of our image field
    8. 1:38How to hide a field label on a node display page
    9. 3:26What image styles are and a review of existing image styles
    10. 3:16How image style effects work and how to add a new image style
    11. 1:45How to link up an image style with an image field
    12. 1:50Chapter review and challenges for "Working With Custom Blocks and Image Styles" chapter
  13. 34:00How to Work With CSS
    1. 3:24A recap of what we have covered so far, and what is to come
    2. 1:35How to change the order of fields on the node display page
    3. 1:10How to install Firebug in the Firefox browser
    4. 2:37How to use Firebug to inspect any element
    5. 3:38How to manipulate CSS with firebug
    6. 4:00How to find a good selector and apply styles to a specific element
    7. 3:29How to rapidly experiment with CSS in Firebug
    8. 3:30How to install the CSS Injector module and find most module configuration pages
    9. 4:16How to add a custom CSS stylesheet to certain pages based on path with CSS Injector
    10. 1:53How to use Firebug to learn more about what an element is
    11. 2:36How to hide breadcrumbs (or any other element) using CSS
    12. 1:52Chapter review and challenges for "How to Work With CSS" chapter
  14. 34:56Troubleshooting Module Installation and Configuration
    1. 3:24Updating other guide nodes and using alt and title attributes for an image field
    2. 2:07Review of what we need to complete our template
    3. 2:10How to install the Media module
    4. 3:22How to find a module dependency when it is not its own module project
    5. 2:46Where to find information about a newly installed module
    6. 1:41How managed and unmanaged files work, and the benefits of using the Media module
    7. 3:32How to upload an image with the Media module and use it as a background
    8. 4:54What to do when CSS changes aren't being applied
    9. 3:17What to do when you get a fatal error and how to clear all caches
    10. 3:57How to search for an error in Google and tips for reading a long issue
    11. 1:42The difference between module development versions and official releases
    12. 2:04Chapter review and challenges for the "Troubleshooting Module Installation and Configuration" chapter
  15. 33:55Updating Modules and Manipulating CSS
    1. 2:27How to check for module updates from your site
    2. 3:36How to update a module with the Update Manager
    3. 1:31How and why to clear Drupal's caches
    4. 4:10How to update a module manually
    5. 3:43How to fix our issue by reading the module help page
    6. 1:36Summary of the steps we took to fix module errors
    7. 3:10How to ensure image URLs work on a remote server
    8. 3:30How to remove the background color of main menu tabs
    9. 5:41What to do about disappearing CSS properties in Firebug
    10. 2:12How to change the font size of the main menu items
    11. 2:19Chapter review and challenges for the "Updating Modules and Manipulating CSS" chapter
  16. 32:46More CSS Updates and Troubleshooting Text Formats
    1. 6:12How to adjust CSS in the footer using Firebug for testing
    2. 3:03Adding and troubleshooting our footer CSS changes with CSS Injector
    3. 1:47Finishing up our footer margin changes
    4. 4:45How to add a repeating background image to the footer
    5. 3:30Adding a new user with a new role
    6. 2:23Giving our new user permission to add, edit and delete pages
    7. 2:17How to fix "This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient permissions to edit it"
    8. 2:58How content and text formats are related, and how to deal with placeholder text
    9. 3:37How to integrate the Media module with a WYSIWYG
    10. 2:14Chapter review and challenges for the "More CSS Updates and Troubleshooting Text Formats" chapter
  17. 31:28How to Evaluate Modules and Install IMCE
    1. 4:32How to turn the Media browser Wysiwyg plugin on
    2. 2:47How to troubleshoot permissions issues with a module
    3. 2:33How to find solutions on Drupal.org by using Google and reading comments first
    4. 4:28How to assess the health of a module by reviewing the module project page
    5. 3:21How to learn more about what a module does by reading the module project page
    6. 2:21Viewing a demo of IMCE and installing the IMCE module
    7. 1:58Overview of the IMCE main configuration page
    8. 4:31How an IMCE profile configuration works
    9. 1:27Comparing two IMCE configurations
    10. 1:38How to set up a new IMCE configuration profile
    11. 1:52Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Evaluate Modules and Install IMCE" chapter
  18. 44:41How to configure IMCE and Wrap Up Our Project
    1. 4:59How to associate IMCE profiles with user roles and upload an image
    2. 5:04How to embed an image in a Wysiwyg with IMCE
    3. 4:10Why styles sometimes display properly in a Wysiwyg but not when viewing the content
    4. 1:56Overview of two solutions to the Wysiwyg style inconsistency issue
    5. 2:57Overview of how to set up a Wysiwyg to use a drop-down selector for CSS classes
    6. 3:05How to configure the styles available in the Wysiwyg
    7. 0:57How to add a class to an element in a Wysiwyg with the "font style" plugin
    8. 1:18How to add easy-to-read aliases for class names in a Wysiwyg
    9. 3:20How to troubleshoot line break or paragraph problems in the Wysiwyg
    10. 1:36Comparing our home page to the mockup
    11. 4:10How to set a custom 404 "page not found" error page and navigate up paths
    12. 1:38Adding a missing piece of content
    13. 4:10Why it's a good idea to review all the settings when creating a piece of content
    14. 1:44Chapter review and challenges for the "How to Configure IMCE and Wrap Up Our Project" chapter
    15. 3:37Congratulations


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