Useful links and helpful tips

Training links and logistics

  1. Follow the orientation at[JOINME ID]
  2. The video list can be found on
  3. If you have logged in and don't have access to all the videos, send an e-mail requesting access to [ORGANIZER EMAIL]
  4. Download the resource pack at
  5. No headphones? Come see one of the mentors after the orientation.
  6. For this training, we will be using the [NAME OF COLLECTION] video collection

When you have a question

  1. Raise your hand or flag down a mentor.
  2. If no mentors are available, put the provided sticky note on the top of your laptop and a mentor will come by as soon as they can.
  3. You can use the IRC channel to post questions and have discussion (see Using IRC below).
  4. You can also review the Getting help in the Drupal community section below for more help options.

Using IRC

IRC is an online chat tool that will allow you to communicate with students and mentors throughout the training when you have general questions where you'd like feedback from multiple people. IRC is also used in the Drupal community as a major communication tool.

  1. To learn more about using IRC:
  2. A cross-platform IRC client is the Chatzilla plugin for Firefox:

Getting help in the Drupal Community

  1. Start with a Google search. You may want to search internet-wide, but you can also search just by entering the following in the Google search box: mysearchphrasehere.
  2. You can hop onto the #drupal IRC channel and see if you can get immediate help.
  3. You can post your question in the forums at
  4. If your question is about a specific module, you can also search in and post to that module's issue queue. For the Views module, for example, the issue queue can be found at

About Build a

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