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Register for Site Building and More here. The fee is $350 if you are also registered to attend Drupalcon, or $450 for a standalone ticket.

How the training works and what we will cover

In "Site Building and More", students will be guided through the process of creating a fully functional Drupal web site, exploring essential Drupal modules (like Views and Pathauto), learning important concepts ( such as what nodes are, how to use taxonomy) and tweaking the look and feel of the site with CSS and other tools.

This training was piloted at the 2011 Bay Area Drupal Camp, and got a fantastic response. See below for some quotes from our students.

Unlike a traditional, lecture-based training, students will instead work at their own pace through a set of short, carefully produced training videos covering the complete site-building process. By using video training instead of a live lecture model, students will be able to work at their own speed, pausing where they need to, replaying material they didn't get the first time around, and skipping material they're already familiar with. And instead of lecturing, the trainers will be free 100% of the time to help you through tricky spots or point you in the right direction.

If you've ever zoned out during a lecture and found yourself a little lost, or been frustrated that the short time available for questions gets taken up with discussion you're not interested in, this is the perfect environment for you. You can take breaks when you need, tackle exactly what you need to learn (or we'll help you figure out what that is) and get a lot of personal, expert advice along the way.

When you arrive, we will get you oriented to the course material and give you a custom curriculum focused at your particular skill level, tackling the subjects you need to cover. We will be leveraging a set of communication tools to allow students to form small groups around a specific topic if they'd like to work with others, and allow us to address as many issues and questions as possible throughout the day.
All levels of experience with Drupal will come out of this training having made a huge step up the Drupal learning curve, guaranteed.

If you find you are already familiar with the site building material, you can move on to other videos to learn Drupal theming, version control or module building as well. This means that regardless of your experience level, you will come out of this training learning a lot of new material.

Students will 3 full months of free access to all the training videos, starting 2 weeks before the training, so you can come to the training ready with questions, and to continue to review and expand your knowledge following the training.

Your Mentors

We have a stellar cast of mentors for this training. Every mentor has been working with Drupal for several years, and is well regarded both by the Drupal community and those they work with.

Advantage Labs, the company innovating in-person self-help support for Drupal, will also be joining us. They have recently adopted the Mentored Training model for their clients and will be both observing and mentoring students.

CHRIS SHATTUCK - Chris is the creator of Build a Module.com and has recorded nearly 500 focused Drupal tutorials. He has also done extensive in-person Drupal training, including a full-day module building training at a previous Drupalcon, a 60-student site building class at the Bay Area Drupal Camp, and has spoken at numerous Drupal events. The structure of this workshop combines the best of his experience as an in-person and on-line trainer. You can learn more about Chris at http://chrisshattuck.com.

MICHAEL ANELLO - Michael Anello specializes in Drupal training, custom modules, theme integration, site building, and project management. He has worked on dozens of Drupal sites of all types and sizes. He has contributed and maintains several Drupal modules and is an active member of the Drupal community including as one of the lead organizers of the Florida Drupal User's Group. He is involved with the Drupal Association's Community Cultivation Grants and attends and presents at DrupalCamps and DrupalCons around the world. You can learn more about Michael at http://www.anelloconsulting.com.

JOHN FERRIS - The founder of Pixel Whip Web Design, a Drupal development shop focusing on design and theming. John started Pixel Whip with more than 12 years of experience in web/graphic design and developing interactive content. He has been active in the Colorado Drupal community since he first dug into Drupal a few years ago. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Melissa, dog Rudy, and step-cat Faticus Max. When he’s not behind the computer, he likes to get his hands dirty in the vegetable garden and watch the grass grow with a frosty beverage. Learn more about John's exploits at http://pixel-whip.com.

JOSHUA KOPEL - Josh earned a BFA and MFA before abandoning his dreams of life as a blacksmith and persuing the almighty pixel. He has been building web sites since 1996, and along the way he created half a dozen custom CMS before realizing the futility of this approach and embracing the juggernaut that is Drupal. Josh started developing sites with Drupal 4.7 and never looked back. Now he is endlessly enamored with Drupal 7, and will be at least until Drupal 8 is available. After many years as a freelancer, he is now a partner in Number 10 Web Company in Seattle, and has presented at the PNW Drupal Summit, and at DrupalCon 2010 in San Francisco. You can read more about him at http://www.number10webcompany.com.

JOSHUA NEEDHAM - Forced to make a choice between Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal for which a great deal of time was spent working with each platform, Drupal won because of the community, ease of use, initial barrier to entry, and life as he knew it changed as he went out on a limb back in November of '08 and started offering web development services professionally. It's been a wonderful journey that gets better every day especially when he decided to help out Chapter Three and Jen Lampton with the free 'Drupal in a Day' training offered at BADCamp 2010, and SANDCamp 2011. Get more information about Joshua at http://JoshuaNeedham.com.

SCOTT REYNEN - The lead Developer at Aten Design Group. He works primarily with custom module development in Drupal, but also dabbles in site configuration, server configuration, database management, and theming. He has presented at several Drupal events and is currently helping plan DrupalCon Denver 2012. Learn more about Scott at http://atendesigngroup.com/about#scott.

OLIVER SELDMAN - Oliver has more than 15 years of professional web experience and is a site builder, module developer, themer, trainer, project manager and consultant in Los Angeles, where he is Movember team leader at Exaltation of Larks. He first found Drupal in 2007 when he was asked to build a CMS-based site in 2 weeks. He quickly realized how valuable Drupal is for rapid web application development and has been specializing in it (and giving presentations at local meetups and camps) ever since. Learn more about Oliver's LA trainings at >http://larks.la/training.

JOEL STEIDL - Joel is a Senior Designer at Aten Design Group. In addition to moving pixels, he spends plenty of time in the strategy phase of projects making sure things will go smoothly. He also spends his time using Drupal: site building, theming, training, and to the dismay of other Aten developers, Joel occasionally creates custom modules. When he’s not creating awesome things on the web, you can find him exploring new trails, hanging out with his wife, or traveling the world.You can learn more about Joel at http://s-12.com.

ADVANTAGE LABS - Advantage Labs will be partnering with us to provide additional mentors for the training. Advantage Labs is based in Minneapolis, MN, and is a unique and innovative hub of ongoing Drupal learning. They supply a physical space (the lab) where site owners can come and learn how to manage and update their own Drupal sites. But they're much more that that, even. You can learn more about Advantage Labs at http://advantagelabs.com.

KENDALL TOTTEN - Kendall enjoys both designing and coding websites, and Drupal is her favorite platform for building sites. She has been working in the design field–both graphic and web– for over 5 years. Currently she is a Drupal Themer, Front-End Developer and Trainer at Mediacurrent. She attended Eastern Michigan University where she studied Communication Technology and Graphic Design. Kendall also has a passion for photography, travel, good food, the great outdoors, and is a self-proclaimed geek at heart. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida.

VANESSA TURKE - Vanessa has been working in digital media and project planning since 2003 enjoying a diverse experience in web consulting, content strategy, user testing, social media, project management and creative direction. She has been specializing in projects built with Drupal for about 4 years. She enjoys being part of the Vancouver in the tech community and helping out with community events. She currently works as a Solution Architect at ImageX Media. You can learn more about Vanessa at http://vanessaturke.net.

DOUG VANN - Within weeks of discovering Drupal, Doug started a local Indiana Drupal Users Group. Some where along the way he became a goto guy for Drupal training. His first time ever delivering a Drupal presentation in front of a group was at a Lullabot workshop in Minneapolis MN. The next month he did it again at another Lullabot workshop in Toronto Canada. Three months later he was asked to present at the Chicago DrupalCamp 2008. He wound up presenting 6 sessions and LOVED it!. In 2009 he was invited to the CMS Expo. Followed by Drupal Camps in Wiscon, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and a fun filled weekend at the Ohio Linux Fest. You can learn more about Doug at http://dougvann.com.

Higher education discount

We are offering a $25 rebate for each higher education student or faculty that attends our training. We're doing this because we know how much you'll get out of the training and want to help you if you or your supervisor is on the fence about attending a training.

To redeem the higher education rebate, send us a copy of your recent (it must have been purchased with an email address ending in 'edu' and must be from an established educational institution), along with a PayPal address or physical address. We will be issuing rebates by April 19th.

Quotes from satisfied students

"To give you some context, I arrived having some knowledge of D7, having partially worked through a couple of introductory books, and with a new Drupal site somewhat begun. Along the way, I ran into a few stumbling blocks that I couldn't find solutions to on-line or in the books I had. While the video content I looked at (probably only 2 hour's worth) was first-class, and the content, production quality, and the manner of presentation were top notch, the real value in the training for me was the mentoring format. Having the ability to ask questions of Drupal experts was fantastic. Even if the one who happened to stop by couldn't immediately answer my question, he would say "Hmmm, I may not be the best person to ask that question, but this guy over here...." Needless to say, all of the initial stumbling blocks I ran into have been surmounted, and development on my site will now plow forward from here." - Scott

"I’ve taken an intro courses before (to site building), but decided to start fresh with your course to give myself a chance to get more fluent with the interface. I loved the tutorials and the opportunity to focus. I also appreciated the unpretentious, generous vibe among trainers and participants." - Mary

"Once again, thank you for the awesome session. The video tutorials worked really well as you had a mixed skillset of people in the training session and people were able to move along at their desired pace. I liked the way you truncated the videos to a few minutes as it made it easier to digest." - Wayne

"I had a great time at the training, and I've found a fantastic resource in your site, so I will definitely continue to use it. Thanks so much to you and the other mentors for taking time to help all of us!" - Brad

"Thank you, again, for everything you did for us today!! BuildAModule.com is fantastic! You have done an amazing job! Thank you for sharing your hard work with us. Thanks also for so generously sharing your time and expertise today. You did an incredible job running the class. There is no doubt in my mind that you are well on your way to being a huge success! I'll be singing your praises, that is for sure. And chances are that all there today will be doing the same." - Teresa

Pre-requisites and preparation

There are no pre-requisites for this training, although you will get the most out of the training if you come with a Drupal environment already set up. See here for a tutorial on setting up a Drupal environment for Windows or for Mac:

Students should also come with 2 things: A laptop and a set of headphones. Having a set of isolating earphones will help you stay focused even when there is discussion around you. You can get an $4 set on Amazon here.

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