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Overview of Group Benefits

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  1. Training your team more efficiently
  2. Reducing training costs
  3. Group pricing and membership management
  4. Flexible licensing

If you have adopted Drupal as a platform for your public web sites, intranets or applications, or are contemplating a move over to Drupal for any of those, then BuildAModule can help effectively train your team in using and managing Drupal projects.

Leveraging a suite of tools developed specifically with organizations in mind, you can improve the rate of learning for your team, reduce training costs, and integrate an ongoing training program.

If you only have time for a few bullet points, here's what we can do:

  1. Significantly reduce training costs
  2. Train more effectively than traditional methods
  3. Help your team track their learning progress
  4. Provide an ongoing education program
  5. Supply excellent membership management tools

Training your team more efficiently

The BuildAModule video library is one of the most effective ways to train your team in Drupal, from content editors and administrators to developers and designers. The videos are comprehensive, clear and concise, and demonstrate real-world situations where trainees can apply what they're learning in a way that they'll be able to use in the field.

Instead of assigning your more experienced team members to train newer members - reducing their ability to perform higher-level work - you can instead assign your new recruits to watch a pre-recorded, focused set of video tutorials on BuildAModule. Not only will this free up your team to work on important projects, the videos will likely cover more ground than can be covered in impromptu in-person training.

By positioning your experienced team members as mentors, rather than trainers, new recruits can get a huge amount of learning done on their own and reserve time spent with those more experienced to ask challenging questions and get past stumbling blocks.

Reducing training costs

Even though we have some of the best produced videos available for Drupal training and have over 520 videos in 6 different collections, access to the BuildAModule video library is also very affordable. The highest rate you will pay for a membership is $29 per month, per person, and costs can go all the way down to $15 per month when purchased as part of a group membership. DVDs and downloads are also very affordable and have flexible licensing to scale to the size of your organization.

Compared to traditional in-house training or hiring training consultants, the BuildAModule curriculum is hands-down more effective and more affordable. Coupled with the mentorship of Drupal experts, your team can get even more out of the curriculum, but the videos are clear enough that trainees will get far, fast, even without in-person assistance.

Group pricing and membership management

For groups purchasing memberships in bulk, there are price breaks as the numbers increase. Also, once you have a group membership, you can assign and re-assign membership credits to your team, and create new accounts for your team on-the-fly. This means that if a team member moves on, you can easily move that credit over to another team member. You can instantly add new credits or drop credits at any time to scale with your team.

Monthly memberships

1 $29
2-5 $28
6-10 $27
11-20 $26
21-30 $25
31-50 $24
51-100 $22
101-200 $20
201+ $18

6-month memberships

1 $156
2-5 $150
6-10 $144
11-20 $138
21-30 $132
31-50 $126
51-100 $120
101-200 $110
201+ $100

12-month memberships

1 $276
2-5 $264
6-10 $252
11-20 $240
21-30 $228
31-50 $216
51-100 $204
101-200 $190
201+ $180

Flexible licensing

Our group memberships provide a great way to get your entire team on board with a training program.

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