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Hello everyone,

I have tried to serach all the web as much as I can but I couldn't find a good resource about the views api documentation.
By views api, I don't mean the function names or how they related to eachothers in views module, of course there are some pages that lists all the functions in views but they are not useful if you are not a php expert.

I think it would be great for middle level module developers if you consider to make video series about how to use views module in code. theese are the topics that come to my mind first.

-- How to expose custom tables to views
-- useful views functions that can be used for different scenerios
-- Possible ways to alter / change the views query
-- creating custom different kind of handlers
-- Things to know about the functions / methods in handlers (add_where , add_relationship, join ...)

The list can be extended. I just wanted to make a starting point.

The site is excellent by the way :) please keep up the great work..

Chris Shattuck
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Great suggestions, thank you!

Great suggestions, thank you! I'd definitely like to give the Views API some video coverage for sure. Thank you for outlining exactly what you're looking for. There is one video for modifying a Views query in the context of a Features module, but you can use the same technique in any module:

Cheers and thanks again!

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How to expose custom tables to views

hi i have been working with such a problem and i have recently solved this issue in two ways in a custom module:

1) i created a module normally with out entities and i exposed my tables to views and it worked perfectly.
2) I Created an entity type and also exposed my custom entity to views and it all worked.

if you need help you can e-mail me at: with your questions and i may be able to help you or direct you where you can get more help.

if you need we can meet at drupal irc channel if you want.

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