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I'm in search of documentation on Views 3 hooks, objects, methods and the parameters they expect. Most of the documentation that I've seen has been basically just a "paste" of the various hook functions without any real explanation of how they work, the types of data they expect or how to use them.

When you Google for documentation for Views hooks most of the results are for Views 1 or Views 2. Unfortunately, Views 3 is very different from the first version, and version 2 seems to have small differences in most of the objects I'm trying to use (additional parameters and methods that have no definition usually).

Does anyone know of a reliable repository of Views 3 documentation that defines how to hook modules into Views? And perhaps (ghastly, I know) has actual code examples?

Thanks in advance.

Chris Shattuck
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Hi Matt! Good questions, I

Hi Matt!

Good questions, I plan on hitting this in future videos, but for now since Views 3 is fairly new I think the documentation is relatively scarce. I'll keep my eyes peeled and will post back here if I find anything fairly solid.


Last seen: 9 years 26 weeks ago
Joined: 2011-07-08
I found some Views 3 Documentation

I did finally find some relatively good documentation in case this helps anyone else.

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