videos have closed caption or subtitles?

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Hi, thanks for take time to read this.

I am very interested in the videos, my question is: the videos have closed caption or subtitles? I am not good at listening English (and sure that I am not the only one).

thanks in advance.

Chris Shattuck
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Hi Camidin, Great question.

Hi Camidin,

Great question. I'm currently working on getting all of the videos transcribed (with captions), and am about 30% of the way through. If you are watching a video that has been captioned, a little [CC] icon will appear above the video. Click that to show the captions. You can go the the following video for an example: .

Once you become a member, you will also have access to a transcript view, which will allow you view the entire transcript and navigate to a particular point in the video by clicking on any of the text. You can learn more about these features by watching the video at the bottom of this post: .

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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Videos have closed caption or subtitles?

Hi Chris,

First I want to congratulate you, the website is excellent and the videos are amazing and very useful. Out of curiosity, The entire website is developed in drupal?

Yesterday I bought the videos from the series "Build Your First Web Site Drupal 7" and I am fascinated with them. But I could not turn on the subtitles on the videos. How I do to activate the subtitles?

Chris Shattuck
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Hi there! It's great to hear

Hi there!

It's great to hear that you're enjoying the videos, thank you for the kind words!

Unfortunately, captioning is only available when viewing the videos online as part of a membership. I do hope to add captions in the future to downloads and DVDs, however.

Thanks again!

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I am sorry to hear that, but I hope when you will have the video with closed caption I will can download them

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Captions on or off

It'd be nice to have the ability to turn on captions for all videos or turn them off. Right now I'm having to turn it on for each new video and it gets tedious.

A simple cookie should make this selection permanent.

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