Use content-type or taxonomy?

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Im site-building a smaller site at the moment, and have to make a content-type of 'product'.

All of the products have a category, and some of those categories have a main-category and so on... - So its nested.

An example with clothes:

T-shirt(product) --> Clothes(main-category)

Sneakers(product) --> Shoes(category) --> Clothes(main-category)

There can be more levels for the products-chain, so the solution have to be pretty dynamic.

What is the best solution for creating this with Drupal? - Should I make content-types called Main Product Category, and one called Product Category, and references the product (by a field) with the Node Reference-module, or would some of you use taxonomy in stead.

Any ideas are very welcome.



Chris Shattuck
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Hi Steffen, If you're working

Hi Steffen,

If you're working in Drupal 7, you can expand both taxonomy and content types with fields, so it's a little more tricky to decide which to use. Generally, if I end up using the word 'category' in describing a piece of content, I will try to go with taxonomy, mostly because the kinds of modules that are built to cater to and extend taxonomy functionality. If I'm going to build a contributed module that helps do something neat with categories, I'm going to built it for taxonomy rather than content types.

The exception to this would be if my categories are going to be acting a lot more like content then categories. Then I might want to go with a content type to leverage contributed modules build specifically for extending nodes specifically, and not entities in general.

I'd love to hear what other people think about this.


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In my experience, I would

In my experience, I would also suggest using taxonomy terms as categories. You could create a generic "Product" content type, create a "Products" vocabulary and use a taxonomy reference field on the content type. Creating and nesting categories (taxonomy terms) is going to work nicely. This way, a single product can be assigned one or multiple categories. Hope it helps.

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