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My experience level:
I've only had a chance to watch about 6 hours of videos (which are awesome). I'm fairly familiar with drupal and many of the standard modules from a non-programing side, but I don't know PHP. While I'm looking forward to watching more videos and getting more familiar with template files and PHP... I'm still really struggling with understanding it right now.

I have two issues I'm trying to work through on a website, and I'm just not finding the video that seems to address these particular issues. As they are projects I'm trying to incorporate into a site now, I'd love to get help with:

  1. Theming Taxonomy. I've given some node types three different taxonomy terms so you can look for a photo by the photographer, type of photo, or photo project. However, when you click on any of these terms (the links), I get a very ugly list. I believe theming the taxonomy pages has different rules as to theming with a node.tpl.php file, is that right? I watched the video on blocks.tpl.php - is taxonomy the same or a different animal?

I believe a work around would be to create a view, and then use the reference node module instead of taxonomy... but it seems that this is the whole point of taxonomy. Also, if I use node reference, I would need to create a new view with every new "project." I believe I could be making this way more difficult than it should be... Help, please.

  1. I'd also like to use Aggregator to automatically pull in an rss feed from a blog and display it in a block (or panel) on the website. I'm able to create a view and have it display in a column in a panel... however, I again can't seem to figure out how to improve the look. In the panel block only shows the first 4 words of the most recent 3 post's title. If I click "read more" then it directs me to a new page that displays the entire blog post in the feed (without images). I've been digging through the tpl.php pages in the Aggregator Module, but I can't find where I can set the feed length to display more than the title, but less than the whole blog post. I'd love to just display a "teaser" length. I did first look in views... but I can't find where I could control the length of the feed in views either (while selecting which fields to display)?

Also, when I view the rss feed in my browser, the feed seems to include images. Could I get the feed to pass and display images on the website along with a different feed / teaser length of the blog?

Thanks for any help.

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Theming Taxonomy


I have been doing this for a while now. My approach has been to create view of my photo's filtered by taxonomic terms. then either

1) I customize the view using a suggested template or
2) I write a custom page, get the view's data and display them as I wish. See:; or

I'll be more then glad share my code.

Hope this helps

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Your galleries look great

Those galleries look great. I'm so new... the semi-colon was included in the url, so it took me a bit to figure out that I needed to delete that darn ";" at the end for it to work. I have two quick questions about your galleries:

  1. Do you use another module for the galleries in addition to views?
  2. Regarding the taxonomy; I was really hoping that I would be able to navigate the photos from three different directions (Photographer / Type of Photo / Project). Could you simply add menu links at the top of the galleries that went to new views that were filtered by different taxonomies?


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Your galleries look great

Thank you.
I borrowed the look and feel from a visually exciting site: "". They have visually very exciting ideas, and Drupal is architecturally very exciting. So I gave myself as homework to mesh the two together(in spite of all the flexibility that Drupal has, most Drupal sites look "blocky" and are not visually interesting). So each gallery represents a lesson (I plan to do a write up).

Question 1. Do you use another module for the galleries in addition to views?
Answer - (1) I created an "Image" node type containing a taxonomy field called "gallery"
(2) I created view filtered by the node type = Image and the taxonomy (gallery) values
(3) I wrote module to call the views api, get images and title and display as examples in ""

In you case you can
(1) create a node type of Image (or some other name)
(2) either create "Photographer", "Type of Photo","Project" as taxonomic terms or cck: "drop down" list fields
(3) populate you Image's instances
(4) Create a view for above (filter on node type == Image "Photographer", "Type of Photo","Project"
(5) either (a) customize the view or (b) create a module that will read the view's data and display it as you wish. I have example code. If you use route (b) use example of "menu api" to change photographer, "type of photo", and "Project". If you use route (a) you can ask the view to expose "photographer", "type of photo", and "Project" as user filters.

Item (5) above answers your question 2

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On my second question... I'm getting closer. In addition to aggregator (which is in core), I added "feeds" and "feeds image grabber" contributed modules. I also had to go into the "feeds item" content type and change the "text format" from filtered text to "Full HTML" for the pictures to display in the new feed nodes. Then I was able to use views to change the look and which fields to display.

Feeds Module:
Feeds Image Grabber:

This article helped me too:

I'm still a little confused to what is being done by each module and where to go to set up what. There is aggregator (under configuration), feeds importer (under Structure), feeds (under content type), feed items (under content type), and in the feeds importer there is a link to "import" where you actually import the feeds into the website to make them nodes.

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