[Solved] Admin Context Editor not showing positioning tools/move widget overlay

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Last seen: 8 years 20 weeks ago
Joined: 2013-08-20

This occurred using Drupal 7.23:

Problem: When clicking edit on Blog Entry Page in the Admin Context editor, none of the overlay tools shown in the video for context would appear. This includes the positioning tool/move widget to move around the blocks on mouse over and the add block options, among other elements.


  • Go to Structure>Context>Settings
  • Check the Use Context Editor Dialog check box
  • Save configuration
  • Refresh

Comments: The Context setting was not checked by default for me, and also Admin appears to be part of 7.23's core and was already installed, both of which were confusing during troubleshooting. For instance when trying to re-install the module, if you installed through drush you could uninstall it, but it would still show in the modules listing. Then if you tried to re-install it, it would say it is already installed.

I went through an embarrassing amount of troubleshooting and almost gave up when I could find no information through searching the module's page, the bugs for it, or the forum here, etc. I tried development versions, uninstalling other modules that might be conflicting, re-installing the module, trying in different browsers, on different computers, flushing and rebuilding everything I could, etc.

Maybe I overlooked something, but I did not see any notes in the readme file, on Admin's page, or elsewhere that tells you this setting is required for the Admin's Context Editor to work correctly. I couldn't even find a discussion thread on Google. All results are for the entire Admin menu not showing up or the Context editor option itself not showing up at all, not the overlays. It seemed like a forehead slapper so now that I knew what it was, I tried looking directly for the answer to see how I could have found the answer better. Even after finding the solution, I Googled the exact terms and still could not find anything! Maybe a video note is in order?

(In hind-sight I did learn a good lesson though, if a module that interacts with another module isn't working correctly, check the settings for both modules first! :)

Last seen: 8 years 30 weeks ago
Joined: 2013-05-31
Thank you!

This really helped me!

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