Render arrays vs Theme functions?

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Firstly wanted to say thanks for a great video series, I've learnt more in the past few days since I've signed up than I had in around 4 months trying to find the time to read through books, and docs and example code - best video tutorials on Drupal I have come across.

I wonder though if you could answer a question, and this probably is a n00b question but I've been unable to find an answer either here or by searching Google. I am struggling to figure out the difference between using a render array and using a theme function - apart from some variations in syntax, they both seem to take arrays and produce html output, of course with themes you have the added advantage of being able to use tpl.php files, so why bother with render arrays at all?? Why not just theme everything? As far as I can see both still allow either themes or other modules to alter the data before final rendering??

Very confused by these....


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I am also a beginner, but

I am also a beginner, but this is how much I understand...

Whether you use render arrays (they are just plain associative arrays) or you just theme your data right on the spot give the same result. But the output of a theme function is an html string, which other modules can not modify.

Render arrays on the hand allow for great flexibility. Other modules (through hooks) can change the render arrays before they are themed...simply by implementing the right hook and changing any properties in there.

Watch this video that shows how changes are made to a render array:

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