Questions: Is Drupal 7 ready for production? and What theme does Build a Module use?

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Chris Shattuck
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A viewer posted this question to me recently, and thought it would be good to both share my feedback and see if other folks here had some to give. Here's what they said:

Be cool to get your thoughts on Drupal 7.. i.e. when do you think it is ready for production sites? I use heaps of modules on my standard base build and am waiting to see what happens with them before upgrading (i guess many of them will be redundant).

Great question!

First of all, core Drupal 7 is ready for production now. There's a bunch of sites already on it, and there's so many awesome new features that if you can use it, it will make life a bit easier in the long run. But like you mentioned, the real questions are if the contributed modules are ready, and also if the time to upgrade justifies it at this point. Some people are still on Drupal 4.7 because the justification isn't there for them, and that's totally fine. They'll have a lot of work when they do decide to make the jump, but only they know if it would be worth it or not.

If most of contrib is ready and feel like the time is justified, it's just that there's a couple of bits that still need to be ported to Drupal 7, there's a couple avenues you can go. If you're semi-comfortable with PHP, you can attempt the upgrade yourself and contribute it back. You could also pay a bounty to the developer, or post a job in the paid Drupal services forum. If that's not in the cards, then see if you can trade whatever skills you have for the skills of a developer.

So, I think the answer will be different for every site and for every decision maker. For example, I built this site in Drupal 6 because there's a lot of moving parts that haven't been upgraded yet, and I couldn't justify the cost of upgrading them myself, at least not at the moment. It will be a lot of fun to move to Drupal 7, but it's just not the right time yet. I have a couple other projects where Drupal 7 would be perfect, though.

Also what theme framework (960, blueprint,zen, > fusion, AT, Omega etc.) do you use......I am always interested to see what others are doing. I have used heaps.......but using AT at the moment.......have you tried Omega for d7??

For this site I used the Basic theme for the first time, and I typically use Zen. I really like the idea of grid systems, but after working with them for a bit (I used 960), I realized they're probably better for projects where there are going to be a lot of hands in the design. For projects where I'm the solo designer, I prefer to have more flexibility and mobility than a grid system offers.

Basic is like a boiled down version of Zen, so you get the essence of a solid 3-column header / footer layout, good theme directory structure, solid basic CSS and support for CSS files specifically for different versions of Internet Explorer without all the extra helper markup in Zen. It also assumes that you're going to take the theme and just hack it up instead of creating a sub-theme from it, not that you can't make a sub-theme if you wanted to. That felt a little strange at first, but after working with it for a bit it started to make sense. So it's slimmer, there's less to remove, and I like the default CSS a bit better.

I like the idea of the Fusion theme framework, and have written a bit about it. Fusion themes seem to be really nice out of the box, but I tend to want to make my own box.

Anyone else?

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Re: Is Drupal 7 ready for production?

I would have to say D7 is not quite ready for prime time. There are too many "gotta have" contrib modules with beta/alpha/dev status currently. If you have a site with minimal functionality and which uses only a handful of stable modules then you should go for it. However, if your site uses custom D6 modules and you don't have the time to invest in conversion, D7 contrib modules which are unstable or if the D7 versions don't exist yet, I would hold off until more stable versions of D7 modules materialize. My experience with views in D7 has been disappointing so far. With that said, I'm glad it didn't make it in core. I like a lighter weight core anyways.

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