Question: Anyone having problems or know how to use "Manage Display" under Drupal 7 Content Type

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Hello, I am trying to build a very simple content type. I have custom fields put in. Now I am trying to hide a few of the fields and make other lable "inline". Within my content type, I click on the tab "Manage Display" and have set the fields to "inline" label and then other fields I drag and drop below the hidden part. Then I save the configuration, clear caches and try to add content using the content type. When I open, I cannot see any of my changes. Note: I have also removed any custom manage displays because I originally thought that was the problem.

I have searched google, and even some textbooks to no avail. Everybody talks about creating custom fields, but noone really discusses about using Manage Display and then shows examples of how changes they are making on Manage Display work.

Am I missing something? Does "Add Content" call a view which is tied to the Manage Display settings?

Hopefully someone can help me out.



Chris Shattuck
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Hi Josh, It looks like you

Hi Josh,

It looks like you also need to check the box next to the Full content item in the Custom Display Settings hidden options:

Let me know if that does the trick.


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Chris, actually upon reading

Chris, actually upon reading your response.....and finding another video....I realized my problem. Manage Displays handles the displaying of the node after it is saved/published. So it is working correctly.

Also, In follow up to my other question yesterday. I finally figured out how to make fields "visible or invisible" based on other conditions within "Content Type". I found a module which is currently under development and awaiting Drupal CVS approval: I uploaded it seems to do a great job of creating depedency functionality.

I know there is a Drupal 6 module called Conditions Fields but it did not look like it has a plan to be ported to D7 anytime soon.

Final question though, this one may be really simple for you. Do you know how to create within Content Type lines or a field which is not user-editable. Basically like instructions and then the fields go under. For example. I want to display the following text as a field to anyone that "adds content" and uses the content type.

Thanks for coming to the page, please answer the following questions completely.

I imagine a field called "Label" or something with a a field type set to "label" or something that the user cannot enter input.

Thanks again,

Chris Shattuck
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Great question, Josh. You

Great question, Josh.

You know, the way I've done this in this past is by using hook_form_alter() to add a markup element to the form. If you set the weight low, say -10, then it should get bumped to the top.

There are also more hacky, less code-oriented methods you could use, like adding an input and hiding everything but the description with CSS, then adding your HTML to the description.

It looks like there's also a contributed module for this kind of thing, but it hasn't been upgraded to Drupal 7 yet:


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Joined: 2011-01-25
Chris, thanks for the input.

Chris, thanks for the input. It sounds like Hook Form Alter with the markup may be easier for me than CSS/HTML. Since I am not comfortable with CSS/HTML at all.

Do you happen to have any code for Hook Form Alter which will head me in the right direction and I will try and play around with it.

I am really suprised there is not non-input field text type created for Drupal 7 core. You would think this would be something pretty standard when people are creating forms.


Chris Shattuck
Last seen: 4 weeks 3 days ago
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You can check out the video

You can check out the video on hook_form_alter() along with the code in the input module, step 07.input.module.hook-form-alter.step. You can take this and use it to add a markup input. Let me know if that works for you.

Good luck!

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Admin user

When in logged in to my Drupal 7 install as the administrative user, I can't access the "Manage fields" or "Manage Display" for my custom content types.

I've tried all the following with no joy:

I've deactivated all my custom modules
I've given the admin user all permissions
I've flushed the cache, many, many times
Logged out and back in

I'm pretty sure I'm not using the hook_drupal_break hook anywhere!

I've got NO IDEA what I've done wrong. It used to work, but now I can't access it.

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