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i have a drupal 6.x module which was programed for our company which shall upload a product picture (admin website settings) and display it in a product table (frontend). the picture will be stored in the database but it will not be displayed.

at the moment i'm going through chris' assets module, but i'm very new to this subject and i need a quick help to get my module running.

here is the code:

//The form
function kajinga_settings_formA() {

$form = array(); //intialize form array

//Image upload field
$form['kajinga_productimage'] = array(
'#type' => 'file',
'#title' => t('Wählen sie ein Produktbild'),
'#size' => 55,
'#maxlength' => 100,
'#description' => t('Laden sie ein Produktbild hoch, um es mit dem Affiliate-Link anzuzeigen.'),
'#weight' => 1,

//Submit button: kajinga_addpproduct
$form['kajinga_addproduct'] = array(
'#type' => 'submit',
'#value' => t('Affiliate-Link erstellen'),
'#weight' => 2,

$form['#attributes']['enctype'] = 'multipart/form-data';
$form['#validate'][] = 'product_validate_picture';

return $form;

//Picture Validation and upload
function product_validate_picture(&$form, &$form_state) {

$validators = array(
'file_validate_is_image' => array(),
'file_validate_size' => array(100 * 1024),
if ($file = file_save_upload('kajinga_productimage', $validators))
// Remove the old picture.
if (isset($form_state['values']['kajinga_productimage']->image_path) && file_exists($form_state['values']['kajinga_productimage']->image_path))
$productid = 0;
if (!isset($form_state['values']['productid']))
{ // Execute in case of new product
$query = "SHOW TABLE STATUS LIKE 'users_products'";
$rs = db_query($query);
$row = db_fetch_object($rs);
$productid = isset($row->Auto_increment) ? $row->Auto_increment : 0;
$productid = $form_state['values']['productid'];

$info = image_get_info($file->filepath);
$destination = variable_get('product_picture_path', 'images') .'/picture-'. $productid .'.'. $info['extension'];
if (file_copy($file, $destination, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE))
$form_state['values']['picture'] = $file->filepath;
form_set_error('kajinga_productimage', t("Failed to upload the picture image; the %directory directory doesn't exist or is not writable.",
array('%directory' => variable_get('product_picture_path', 'images'))));


the result xou can see here:

what can i do to get the picture displayed? is there a better way to code this?

thx, martin

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