Not authorized to access page via shortcut

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In this video "How to change view menu settings and add a header" Chris shows how to add a shortcut to the "edit view" for the calendar. I did this and when I click the the shortcut I get the error message "You are not authorized to access this page." However I know I am authorized because I can get there 2 other ways: 1) Structure > Views > edit on desired view, and 2) browsing to the page that has the view, clicking the gear, then edit view. Has anyone else experienced this issue or know how to resolve it?

Chris Shattuck
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If you're getting an Access

If you're getting an Access Denied error, then I think it has to be on a different path. So, if the one I show in the video is different than the one you get to the other ways, you'll need to replace the menu item with the functional path.


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I have the same issue on 7.22

I have the same issue on Drupal 7.22. I did as you suggested and that fixed it. In case anyone else needs a step by step:

Go to yoursitename/admin/, (as in viewing administration pages directly, not in a popup overlay) then navigate to structure>views>calendar>edit. When you click add shortcut from there, it adds the shortcut and path correctly.

Adding from popup gave this path (incorrect):

Adding from direct page gave this path (correct):

I'm guessing this is a new bug introduced since the version used to make the video.

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Issue still exists as of 7.41

I also experienced this as of Drupal 7.41. Septu's solution of editing the path to remove the overlay resolved it for me, it might be worth adding to the video notes.

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