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Brief: In the right sidebar is a simple HTML table with a visual representation of what I need. A module with where from the Drupal admin I can add 8 (or more) Funds/Tickers and a NAV price (Net Asset Value) each day. I can edit the NAV price unlimited times during the day but at midnight I should NOT be able to change the value. The module will calculate the CHANGE column based on the NAV price entered today minus the value from yesterday . . . this is why you cannot change the value after midnight, unless you do it from the database.

So if today I edit a FUND/TICKER called FUND1 and enter in the NAV price $5.00 and then tomorrow I edit the tame FUND/TICKER and add a value of $6.00. The CHANGE on the front-end user view should auto show $1.00 and a UP arrow showing the CHANGE was positive.

Other requirements:
- Auto date/time stamp history when FUND/TICKER is edited showing the drupal user who made the change.
- Date picker in admin should be a calendar picker.
- There should also be a history page tied in somehow similar to this one done in coldfusion. The dropdown allows user to change FUND/TICKER:

If anyone knows where to start or can assist message me: skype: pri.kevin

Chris Shattuck
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This sounds like a good

This sounds like a good challenge. I'd love to see one of the Build a Module viewers pick this up as a learning project.

If you're looking to hire, there are also some good resources out there to find someone to help, just let me know if you're still looking.


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