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I'm currently building an entire Learning Management System on top of Drupal. So far, it's working really well. I wanted to submit a video review talking about how 'Build a module' helped my achieve this but i've been busy (i might do it soon). It's going to be the heart of a new business for continued education. Hopefully we'll be launching it by the beginning of next year. I want to set up the public website and subscription based LMS for optimal performance. In that context, here is my question...

Do you think is a good idea to use a multi-site setup to optimize performance by:

  1. Disabling unnecessary modules on the LMS website so it runs faster?
  2. Setting up typical public website to run without the LMS?
  3. Allowing users to gain access to the LMS website by subscribing in the public website?
  4. Using drupal commerce / subcription on the public website (not on the LMS website)?

The main goal is that the LMS website runs as fast as possible.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Chris Shattuck
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Hi Obrignoni, Thank you for

Hi Obrignoni,

Thank you for the offer of the video, I'll be looking forward to hearing about your experiences. :)

As far as improving performance goes, having two separate sites is definitely one option. However, if the public site will be primarily for anonymous users, you should be able to get what you need by setting up caching properly. So, before going into details about all the ways you can improve performance (and you're on the right track with what you've listed above) let me ask, will the primary users of the public site will be anonymous?


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Yes, most of the users for

Yes, most of the users for the public website will be anonymous. The public website is targeted at prospective students. I need Commerce to sell the courses but i noticed it is composed of a lot of modules and dependencies that work together (Should I worry about this?). I thought that by having the LMS site run without big modules such as Commerce, it would run faster and provide a better experience for active students (one of my main concerns).

If the student is completing assignments, taking quizzes, etc... their is no need for modules such as Commerce to be running all the time. I definitely will be implementing all available caching mechanisms but i'd like to explore all the ways to improve performance, including a multi-site setup.

Chris Shattuck
Last seen: 10 weeks 4 days ago
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That makes sense, and you're

That makes sense, and you're definitely thinking along the right lines with minimizing the number of modules and using various levels of caching. If possible, you should run some benchmarks to see how much overhead Commerce plus the other public-exclusive modules add. Managing a multisite installation will add some maintenance overhead, so I would suggest getting a sense of what you'll gain in terms of performance boost. You can use tools like kCachegrind, or if you're running your own server, something like New Relic could be useful for benchmarking.

Please let us know what approach you end up taking.


Last seen: 10 years 10 weeks ago
Joined: 2011-02-28
I'm definitely going to try

I'm definitely going to try those benchmarking tools. Might be the only way to make an informed decision. Thanks for the suggestions!

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