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Hi. I am working through the Advanced site building series. I'm at the point where I'm adding user images and I've noticed that my image uploader in the acquia desktop instance of GiftOfGeek is broken.

I'm seeing errors that drupal can't find images.

My "files" subdirectory is writeable. There are errors in the "status" page.

I'm using Acquia Dev Desktop version 2 on Yosemite.

Any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

It's almost as if something is blocking drupal's ability to create and upload images.

When I attempt to upload an image to my admin user profile, I'm seeing this error:


Note: the "medium" subdirectory is not present in my "files" subdirectory. It doesn't get created.



Chris Shattuck
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Hi Alex, Have you checked to

Hi Alex,

Have you checked to make sure your temp directory is set up properly? You can go to 'Administrator -> Configuration -> Media -> File System' to see if there are any problems there.


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Hey, I am at the same point

Hey, I am at the same point in the tutorials and I cannot see that dang piece of corn!!

I'm not sure what is going on!

I am also running Acquia Dev Desktop 2 and when I upload the image, it displays the alt image text instead of the image.

When I inspect the element, it gives me a pretty bogus looking url:


I checked my files and the file did get uploaded to,


This is where it's supposed to be, according to my user settings.

I checked the file system settings for temp files and my location is:


This seems ok to me. But, I guess I'm not understanding what this temp file location has to do with the user account photo uploads.

I can't seem to solve this issue. Any idea what's going on here?


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Not sure where I went wrong

Not sure where I went wrong here and where this functionality broke, but it looks like the most recent backup file that I can restore is backup #8 (after importing products).

It does still end up looking at the same url, but the file can now be seen. So maybe the url was ok all along.

Anyhow, if anyone figures out where I went wrong, let me know, but it does look like I can just hop back a couple steps and proceed from there. So no big deal.


Last seen: 6 years 8 weeks ago
Joined: 2015-10-22
Ahh maybe I spoke too soon.

Ahh maybe I spoke too soon. I proceeded from backup 8 and everything was working well until after I installed the user_picture_field module, updated the machine name and reuploaded the photo. Here's a screenshot of what's going on:

Edit: Clearing all caches seems to fix the issue this time around. It didn't solve it the last time. Good to go again. :)

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