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Does anyone know how to hide/close the video transcript when using the mobile view? I am watching some of the videos on my iPad and I would like to increase the video size by hiding the transcript. I like the transcript but in mobile view I need the video size to be bigger so I can make out the details and screen text in the video. I don't see any control to hide or minimize the transcript. Again, I am using an iPad. Thanks.

  • Derek

P.S. If I find a solution I will post it here.

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Any news on this? I find it

Any news on this?
I find it rather distracting and would also like to disable it, which I am pretty sure was possible at some point, but I cannot find a means to do it with the current UI.

Chris Shattuck
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Hi folks, If you're on a

Hi folks,

If you're on a tablet, you should be able to click the 'fullscreen' button to hide the transcript. On a desktop, the solution is the same, although I hope to be able to make this a toggle-able setting before too long.

Thank you!

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Thank you for the reply. As I

Thank you for the reply.
As I usually have other windows open next to the video (IDE, browser etc.) going fullscreen is not really a solution to the issue, so a proper toggle would be nice to have. In the meanwhile a little clientside override does the job.

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IPad solution?

I noticed on my iPad the audio transcript appeared on the video regardless of the BAM transcript setting. To turn it off I had to maximize the video so that the speech bubble icon was displayed along the bottom right. Click on the icon and you get the option of turning off the auto caption feature.

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