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I believe I need a better hosting company. Could anyone help:

  1. Either recommend a few hosting companies and list the pros and cons as to why I should choose one over another?
  2. Point me to a place (similar to this site) where I can learn more about how to choose a good hosting company and what to look for?

Part of me wanted to add this as a "video request" - but it is probably a little too basic for Chris (as it this is such a rookie question and probably not worth Chris's time to ever create a video on it). So, I'm hoping some of the other members might be able to help me out or point me in the right direction. It seems some hosting companies work better with drupal (or maybe that's just what they advertise)? You can find really cheap hosting... and then very expensive hosting - so how do you know if you are really getting what you are paying for... especially if they say they have "unlimited bandwidth." Currently, I have three drupal sites running on one shared hosting account... all three sites get little traffic. The sites seem slow on the initial page load.

I'll apologize now for a silly question (sorry). I have googled "choosing a hosting company for a drupal site" - but the results seem to be either "sales pitches from hosting companies" or very general answers that don't seem helpful in finding or choosing a hosting company. Thanks.

Chris Shattuck
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Hey there! Good question, and

Hey there!

Good question, and one that will probably get some video coverage eventually.

I've used a few hosts, and really like Site5 ( Their support has been awesome, and they make a lot of things easy that can be a big challenge. They have some limitations on how much you can modify configuration on their shared and VPS accounts, but that's not unusual.

I also have a DreamHost account (, but I don't host Drupal on it because they have the database and file servers on different machines, making it really slow - at least a couple of years ago it had that problem. But, I register domain names and do subversion hosting there.

Looking forward to hearing other responses, too!


Last seen: 9 years 13 weeks ago
Joined: 2011-09-25

Thanks for the recommendation - I'll check out Site5. I also look forward to video coverage some day too!

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Been using HotDrupal for many years and love them.
Main advantage is that they know drupal, so for example, installed a component I needed for the GEO module on their server without problems.

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