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As a Windows (yes, I know) who is trying to learn git, I have encountered a problem. How to I cd into the directory where my site is located? I know enough Linux to be able to do a simple cd, but it won't let me above the git program root. Suggestions?

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What do you use for Git under

What do you use for Git under Windows? I don't have this problem when using Git Bash, although I prefer to use something like SmartGit (GUI client).

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Joined: 2011-03-12
Problem solved

Found another tutorial that showed a 'right-click'.

I installed msysGit as shown in the video. Also read the readme and it showed the /c/ for the drive, not the c:/ that I am used to in Linux.

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Follow up

I use the same configuration as you.......and I use wamp.

The command that works for me: "cd c:/wamp/www/site-folder/".


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