Drupal 7.15 LDAP Server 7.x-1.0-beta12

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I am attempting to install LDAP Server to authenticate users against Active Directory.

I can successfully run a native php script to bind and authenticate from the same web site environment as a peer web service however when I attempt to do so through Drupal it can not connect to the LDAP server the message in the database logging module I see a message "Can't contact LDAP server."

Here are my LDAP server settings:

have a Drupal 7.15 instance installed successfully.
I loaded ldap 7.x-1.0-beta12 and configured the server, enabled it and configured and saved the authentication.These are the only 2 modules required as it is simply an ACL to the corproate LDAP for username/password.

Non HTTPS connection.

I intend to create Drupal users based on the LDAP user so I have it in mixed mode.

When testing the LDAP server, I do not get any response at all. No green messages, etc. No red error messages. Some times I get "No Entry Returned." message at the bottom above the test button.

I am testing iwth the default 7.15 default theme Bartik 7.15.

I can access the LDAP because I have a php script I can run in native mode outside of Drupal abd get authrnticated just fine. Sane server, same web site just outside of Drupal running as a peer web service.

Here are my LDAP server settings:

Server Properties

sid = xxx
name = xxx
status = 1
ldap_type = default
address = xxx.xxx
port = 389
tls = 0
bind_method = 3
basedn = Array ( [0] => cn=User Accounts,dc=xxx,dc=xxx )
binddn = cn=xxx, cn=Servers,cn=Sites,OU=User Accounts, DC=xxx,DC=xxx
user_dn_expression = cn=%username,%basedn
user_attr = sAMAccountName
account_name_attr =
mail_attr =
mail_template =
unique_persistent_attr =
allow_conflicting_drupal_accts = 0
ldap_to_drupal_user =
testing_drupal_username = username
group_object_category =
search_pagination = 0
search_page_size = 1000

Project specific information is masked with xxx.

Use Start-TLS is unchecked.
Have tried both Bind with user credentials and anonymous bind search.
Using sAMAccountName as authname attribuite as this is Active Directory.
Expression for using DN is cn=%username,%basedn
Not using LDAP Groups or pagination.

I enter my Testing Drupal Username as the one in the LDAP which does not yet exist in Drupal. I am logged into Drupal as admin.

Hit the test button and nothing happens.

In the database Help logging I am getting: Error -1: Can't contact LDAP server

Any ideas or direction?

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