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Hi there,

I've been very interested in subscribing to your service and enhancing my skills as a Drupal developer. While I see that there are a handful of videos covering module development for Drupal 6, the vast majority of videos are for Drupal 7. I'm sure that like myself, the majority of Drupal developers/themers have yet to upgrade to Drupal 7 due to the lack of fully supported contributed modules. While I would still be interested in learning Drupal 7 development, I will be sticking with Drupal 6 for the time being until there is stable support for all of the modules that I would typically use in a site.

I'm just wondering if there is any spillover from version 6 to 7 that will make your videos usable for those of us who have yet to upgrade. Of course, new features only found within Drupal 7 are one thing but I imagine by looking at the list of videos that much of what is covered could also be applied to Drupal 6 development unless they are completely different. It may be nice to have something on your videos page that states something such "Covers Drupal versions 6 and 7" or just "Drupal 7 only" next to video link.

Last seen: 9 years 15 weeks ago
Joined: 2010-06-10
Well, I simply decided to go

Well, I simply decided to go ahead and subscribe regardless. There's much to learn and I'm sure I will be able to determine what parts can be applied towards my current Drupal 6 installations and which are only for Drupal 7.

I look forward to browsing the content!

Chris Shattuck
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Welcome aboard! I like the

Welcome aboard!

I like the idea of marking content that applies to both Drupal 6 and 7. I'm not sure what the best way to implement this would be at this time. A lot of the Drupal 7 material will apply to Drupal 6, but the subtle differences may result in some serious headaches if you simply copy code over. I would suggest starting with the Drupal 6 videos, and then branching into the Drupal 7 ones once you have a sense of what's available in 6. Be warned that you'll really want to start using 7 once you see how things have evolved. :)


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Same thoughts...

Jastylr, I was thinking exactly the same before subscribing. Could you tell a little bit about your experiences? Did it cause a lot of headache trying to learn D6 module development from D7 videos? Is there a good strategy to do this? Maybe building a D7 test site so the code examples work and try to figure out how to implement the same things in D6?

I'm stuck with D6 because the website that I built for my research team is using flexifield module quite extensively and there has not been a working alternative for D7. The reason why I want to learn and understand module building is that I can make Flexifield and Popups: Add and Reference modules work together which they don't at the moment.

I watched D6 videos and what I've seen so far I really like them. I like Chris' teaching style and I've learned a lot from these videos compared to any internet source or book that I've tried to understand. Thanks for that Chris!



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