creating a drupal view with an rss feed

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I am very new to drupal and I need a bit of help. I am working with Drupal 6 (because that is what the site uses). I was asked to make a view that would display a rss feed of certain parts of the website and I don't understand how to do this. I know how to create a view and that it must be set as a "feed". But I am not clear about what to do from here. From the examples I have seen (and not entirely understood), it seems you might need to to modify the arguements or fields, but in which way? Also, what exactly does the "attach to" in the feed settings do?

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Maybe this will be helpful

Hi jdesrig,

I'm not sure if you are trying to have your site create an rss feed (so others can subscribe to it) or if you are trying to display/ republish an rss feed from another website into your website?

If you are trying to publish an rss feed (get the orange rss feed to show up on your website), you need to make sure that in addition to the VIEWS module being enabled you also have the VIEWS EXPORTER enabled. Then this page should help you out:

I'd start simple and then make it more complex later. For some reason the example on this page is creating a feed for individual users (which seems a bit complex for someone just trying to make a feed). So scroll down the page to the section of "Attaching to a page" and then start by creating a feed of a view you already have made.

I believe you only need to modify the arguments if you want to make the feed more complex.

You'll need to create a "page" view and give it a path. Then create a "feed" view by clicking on the drop down that says "page" and change it too "feed" and then click the "add display" button below it. Once you've done that you should see a new section below the "Basic Settings" section that says "Feed Settings." Change the path to match the url of the page you want the feed to show up and add "/rss.xml" to the end (example: test/rss.xml). Then change the "attach to" setting by clicking it and then selecting the right checkbox.

Since you are on Drupal 6, you might want to check out this "views 2 overview." It's been a while since I watched it, but I think you'll find it helpful:

I hope this all makes sense and helps.

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