Can see Image in wysiwyg but disappears when the basic page is saved.

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Below are my steps to allow my wysiwyg to embed images...

installed Wysiwg 7.x-2.1 Allows to edit content with client-side editors.Required by: IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge (enabled)

installed IMCE 7.x-1.4 An image/file uploader and browser supporting personal directories and user quota.Required by: IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge (enabled)

installed IMCE Wysiwyg API bridge 7.x-1.0 Makes IMCE available as plugin for client-side editors integrated via Wysiwyg API. Requires: IMCE (enabled), Wysiwyg (enabled)

I can insert a picture into the wysiwyg... Great. But when I save the page, the picture is not there. Instead, I get [img]http://AndrewsAutoClub:8082/sites/andrewsautoclub/files/pictures/drupalI...

I know this is the path to where I saved the image. So, atleast I know it is going to the correct folder buy the picture does not reneder.

Any suggetions?

Also, which movie of yours did you use css to hide the title of a Basic Page?

Chris Shattuck
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Hi Jon, Good question. This

Hi Jon,

Good question. This is probably due to the text format not being set up properly. Seeing [img] there makes me wonder if you're using the media module to embed the image. Either way, you'll want to take a look at which text format you're using, and check out what filters you can add to convert that [img] data to the real image. Here are some of the videos on text formats:

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Same problem but perms seem OK

I'm having the same problem and the perms seem to be OK. I''ve checked and re-checked but to no avail. Also, I am using the proper button to insert the image. My URL that shows in the HTML is and I did make sure that the tag was an allowed attribute for this SiteEditor textFormat.

Could it be a question of versions? I noticed that these videos were done (guessing here) about a year ago and the versions are off a little. I'm trying to use the same version as you but in some cases it's not possible.

Either way, I'm a bit stuck at this point.

Last seen: 8 years 33 weeks ago
Joined: 2013-11-07
Chris, I just noticed too

Chris, I just noticed too that when I ran the "Fix and tags video that these tags are not being obeyed either(even though they're correctly listed as ALLOWED tags). The text format settings look perfectly fine. It's set the way it should be. Any idea?

Chris Shattuck
Last seen: 15 weeks 6 days ago
Joined: 2009-08-16
Also, here's a link to the

Also, here's a link to the video where hiding the title is discussed:


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