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Hi there,

I understand that your working on publishing the next set of lessons the meantime can you tell me if the chnages made to the menu (removing the tab look) is accomplished using superfish?


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Great question, I'd love to

Great question, I'd love to know how the rest is done...

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With regard to the tabbed

With regard to the tabbed menu.......if (in bartik) you go to appearance > settings and change the header top & header bottom to the same color it removes the tab appearance.

Also - when editing the css styles sheet in the css folder for the bartik theme you can go to the fonts section and edit the font style for the tabs (the default font is the one in parenthesis) as well as the main menu section and adjust the color, weight and size of the font.

Hope that helps.

Chris Shattuck
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Good question, and thank you

Good question, and thank you for your comments Dixon, that's definitely one way to approach it, good problem solving. :)

What we'll do in the videos is alter the CSS using a module called CSS Injector. We'll go through the specific styles we need to override and get them looking exactly like they do in the mockups.


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