Drupal Training for Colleges and Universities

  • Educational institutions around the globe are standardizing on Drupal as their platform of choice. While adopting Drupal helps solve the huge headache of supporting lots of different systems, it creates new challenges in training everybody on how to use Drupal.

    BuildAModule is an extensive video training library that helps all kinds of users get on the same page, from administrators to content creators to programmers. There are lots of ways to approach Drupal, so we summarize the best practices for building sites and creating content and other components, so you don't have to figure everything out from scratch.

    Our videos have dozens of college and university departments learn and implement Drupal, as well as build expertise and provide ongoing learning programs.

  • Problem: You have more requests for support than you have manpower to solve. The power and flexibility of Drupal means that as more departments implement it, you end up with a lot of questions on how to accomplish everything in Drupal from how to add new content, how to format that content, and how to manage users.

    Our solution: We can reduce your load by giving you the ability to build a custom playlist of videos to answer common questions and to give your clients a satisfying tool for building their own knowledge and expertise. After your clients start using BuildAModule, you'll find that their questions are better informed and that requests are more in line with Drupal's strengths.

  • Problem: You want to build a site for your college or department, but you don't have the resources to hire outside help. So, you decide to build your site yourselves. But, you don't know where to start. There's a lot to learn, and you're not sure what approach is best.

    Our solution: With BuildAModule, you can start from scratch and learn the practical skills you need to build your project with Drupal. You'll learn not only how to do it, but how to do it right. If you've built web projects before, you know that it's easy for a project to become unsustainable. Learning with BuildAModule, you'll learn how to build for the future. Plus, our library is always growing and you can learn how to add new features and keep your skills on the cutting edge.

  • Problem: You have to carefully balance your budget with your resources. The people in your department use Drupal at all different levels, and they all need training for their work to be as effective and sustainable as possible. Live training is expensive and short-lived, so you can't do it often.

    Our solution: BuildAModule memberships for your team are highly affordable and gives all types of Drupal users the in-depth training they need to to their best work. The video tutorial library is comprehensive and has been rigorously tested in the field. It works, and your team will love you for giving them access such a useful resource. To further increase the value of the BuildAModule membership, you can use our Mentored Training model for FREE to add a live training component.

  • Problem: Interns are working for free because they're excited to learn new things and be a part of a practical work environment. But, they usually don't have the experience needed to plug into real-life work and end up getting delegated to work that is not as meaningful, or their training becomes a drain on already limited resources.

    Our solution: With BuildAModule, you can give your intern a practical, hands-off training curriculum to get them up to speed with Drupal. Coupled with live mentorship when they need to talk with someone more experienced, it can be both satisfying for the intern and also help them to become useful in your department. Numerous interns have worked through the BuildAModule curriculum and been able to land great jobs right off the bat.

  • Problem: Computer Science majors often complain that they don't learn a lot of practical, hands-on skills during their coursework. While what they learn provides a solid foundation for what they will eventually do in their work lives, there's often a disconnect that's difficult to bridge and causes frustration.

    Our solution: Several classrooms have used BuildAModule as part of their curriculum, with some fantastic results. Students feel like they're learning technical skills they can put to use right away on their own projects, or to use on pro bono work in the community. BuildAModule focus on the exact steps one needs to take to accomplish tangible tasks, and the process of working through the curriculum is satisfying and rewarding to students who have so much abstract work on their plate.

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