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Drupal 6 Development and Tools

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  1. 212:29Essential Concepts
    1. 3:30How to install and uninstall a module
    2. 14:03How to build your first Drupal module
    3. 13:47Introduction to hooks
    4. 8:21How to add permissions
    5. 27:13Introduction to the Form API
    6. 12:44How to make your module customizable
    7. 21:33How to add and configure blocks
    8. 10:13How to add JavaScript and CSS
    9. 15:07How to theme a Drupal module
    10. 16:18How to create an install script
    11. 19:00How to create, format and validate a form
    12. 21:24How to improve form validation and process a form
    13. 18:47How to create edit and delete forms and alter other forms
    14. 10:29How to apply for a Drupal CVS account
  2. 27:05Working with jQuery and Javascript
    1. 14:25How to work with Ajax in Drupal
    2. 12:40How to implement Drupal JavaScript behaviors
  3. 67:03Securing a Module
    1. 19:29A review of module security and the t() function
    2. 16:50How to use string filtering functions, l() and url()
    3. 17:22How to use drupal_get_token() and user_access()
    4. 13:22How to work with the database securely
  4. 58:49Testing and Debugging a Module
    1. 21:40How to use a PHP debugger in Drupal
    2. 19:49How to use Selenium for Drupal testing
    3. 17:20How to use SimpleTest to automate testing
  5. 96:31PHP and MySQL Basics
    1. 24:25How to work with PHP arrays
    2. 24:25How to work with PHP functions
    3. 23:01Introduction to MySQL, tools and SELECT queries
    4. 24:40How to use JOINs, insert variables and INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE
  6. 73:25Using Komodo Edit as an IDE
    1. 5:23How to create a project in Komodo Edit
    2. 8:59How to work with projects in Komodo Edit
    3. 11:03How to work with files in Komodo Edit
    4. 12:28Understanding the Komodo Edit interface
    5. 10:19How to create snippets with variables and options
    6. 11:26Advanced snippet usage: Key binding, tabstops and abbreviations
    7. 13:47How to use templates in Komodo Edit


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