Win a free ticket to DrupalCon and new Drupal videos on upgrading Drupal

Win a free ticket to DrupalCon (and get a higher education rebate on training!)

This week we're starting a 2-week contest to win a free ticket to DrupalCon. Entering the contest is simple: Answer an unanswered forum question on between now and February 14th and send us a link to your answer. We will then enter you into a drawing to win a free DrupalCon ticket worth $350!

If you are a student or faculty at a college or university, we're also offering a $25 higher education rebate on our Build a live DrupalCon training. Simply register with an .edu email address from an established educational institution, send us a receipt for your training purchase, and we'll send you your rebate.

First community-driven mentored Drupal trainings were a success!

This last week, two Mentored Trainings occurred on opposite sites of the world and apparently went very awesomely. The first training was put on by the Advantage Labs team for several of their clients and focused on the Views module. Students came at all levels of experience, and all were able to plug in at exactly where they needed to be in order to get engaged immediately. Advantage Labs performed this training as a prototype to see if they would like to adopt the model in the future, and by the end were completely convinced that they would be doing it again soon.

The second Mentored Training occurred in Scotland, and was set up as a training bed for future Mentored Training trainers. The event spawned enthusiasm for conducting additional trainings at local DrupalCamps, and for putting a training together for DrupalCon Munich. If any readers are interested in participating in or submitting a mentored training for DrupalCon Munich (which I will unfortunately not be able to attend), please contact me.

New Drupal videos on upgrading core Drupal

How to prepare for a minor Drupal upgrade - 4:11

Most minor Drupal upgrades aren't a big deal, but it's best practice to prepare for something going wrong. In this video we walk you through the critical steps of backing up and preparing your site before the upgrade.

How to use a patch to upgrade the Drupal codebase - 7:59

One quick and efficient way to perform minor Drupal upgrades is by using a patch. While this isn't an officially sanctioned method, it ends up being quite a bit faster and less error-prone for many of us. In this video we explain how to do it.

How to upgrade the Drupal codebase the traditional way - 4:56

In this video we go through the process of upgrading Drupal the official way, by using the instructions in the UPGRADE.txt file. This method may take a bit longer, but it's tried and true and important to get comfortable with if you'll be upgrading often.

How to complete a minor upgrade - 3:42

The hard work is over, but we still need to get our upgrade captured in version control and let our team members know that the upgrade has happened and they they'll need to update their database. We detail the steps involved in this video.

New FREE Drupal video tutorial of the week

Introduction to Drush, the ultimate Drupal productivity tool - 5:31

Drush is amazing at improving productivity, but for many of us it goes unexplored for too long. In this video I illustrate many of the ways that Drush can improve your productivity as a developer or site builder, and show you the commands that make it happen. If you're new to the command line, check out the introductory videos on the command line at the beginning of this collection to settle in a bit first.

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