This Week Only: Get 4 Months of BuildAModule Free + $75 Off DrupalCon Training (And 5 New Videos!)

Last week to get $75 off DrupalCon training

This is the last week to get $75 off of our super amazing DrupalCon Austin training. Our style of training guarantees that you'll emerge with valuable knowledge that you can put to practical use, regardless of your skill level. Students throughout the years have commented on how much they value the one-on-one interaction that they get with trainers, and how nice it is to have a training that lets you work at your own pace and allows you to focus on knowledge that is the most important to you.

Signing up for the training also wins you 4 months of free BuildAModule access, so if you're planning on being a BuildAModule member for the next 4 months and are coming to DrupalCon, it's a perfect fit. With the $75 off this week and the $119 worth of BuildAModule access, you'll be getting 40% off.

BuildAModule trainings are also a really good way to kick of networking at DrupalCon. One of the biggest things you'll take away from coming to DrupalCon are the connections to the people you meet. Because of our unique training format, you'll have the opportunity to meet lots of people - both trainers and fellow students - that could play a critical role in your learning or your businesses down the road.

And of course, it would be awesome to meet you in person and have the honor of helping you make a big leap up the Drupal learning curve. :-)

Read more about the training, or sign up now!


5 New Videos on Event Dispatching

This week we wrap up our brief whirlwind through PHPUnit and start looking at the Event Dispatcher component of Symfony. For Drupal Veterans, you'll recognize that it's similar to the hook system in Drupal, but with the benefits of Object Orientation.

Looking at how our test and assertion actually work, and where to find out which assertions we can use - 2:28

After spending a bit of time to really understand what PHPUnit is and get our tests wired up, we finally get a chance to look at the test we ran and watch it work. Woot!

Adding additional PHPUnit tests for our controller and 500 errors - 2:29

Well, we have one test working. Let’s add a couple more!

(FREE!) What the Event Dispatcher Symfony component does, and how to add it to our project - 2:29

In Drupal we have hooks that allow us to modify the path of processing for all kinds of things. We can adjust the content of forms, we can add pages to the menu system. In Symfony you can do the same thing with the Event Dispatcher component. In this video we talk briefly about what this component is all about.

How to add an event with the Event Dispatcher - 3:58

Before we can ‘listen’ for events, we have to set up an event. In this video, we create an event to allow us to modify the output of our pages before they get sent.

How to create an event class for our event - 2:18

It’s convention to create a class for each event to wrap around the variables passed to the event. Here we create that class.

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