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10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

How to set up basic settings and contextual filter for a node-based "About the author" view - 4:34

In this video we begin the process of setting up our first "About the author" view block, including getting a contextual filter set up (quick, can you tell me what a 'contextual filter' is?)

How to use Views "style settings" and displaying a username with a relationship - 3:28

Here we uses some previously uncovered settings in our field display tools in views to convert a lowly textual username into a full fledged title.

Adding an image and bio field to our "About the author" view block - 1:53

Now that we've started our block with the username title, we follow with a rapid 1-2 where we wield our field-slinging skills to quickly set up a couple additional fields.

How we will approach building the link to the author's web site - 1:21

The last bit in our wireframe's depiction of the "About the author" block implies a little bit of craziness, but we can handle it. In this video we take a birds-eye view of the problem and talk about the approaches we're going to take (because we never do things just once on BuildAModule).

(FREE!) How to rewrite the output of a Views field and combine multiple fields into one - 3:46

If you've never rewritten a views field, this video will open up some doors for you. Here we grab content from two different fields and combine them using a fairly simple but powerful rewriting mechanism in Views.

(FREE!) How to use hidden fields to add to other fields in Views and why you might need them - 4:48

Sometimes we can't use existing fields when we rewrite another field because of the way they're formatting. But, we can add hidden fields which we can then use. In this video we talk about some solid best practices for using hidden fields this way.

Cleaning up an unneeded field and creating a backup (Backup 12) - 0:48

If you're jumping into this series here, you can use the 12th backup in the backups folder of the resource back in order to bring it in line with the videos. You may also need to copy over some modules from the modules folder as well as image resources from the 'files' directory.

How custom formatters work, our use case, and installing the Custom Formatters module - 2:33

One recurring theme of this series is the idea of re-using configuration. In this video we talk about one of other powerhouses of config re-use, a module called Custom Formatters. We also discuss what it's for and install it.

How to create a custom formatter with the Custom Formatters module - 1:57

In this video we create our first custom formatter. We have to end it a bit incomplete, but we'll be back shortly to wrap that up.

How to use the Entity Tokens module to get access to more components for custom formatters - 1:26

Here we enable the Entity Tokens module, which allows us to use bits and pieces from our link field - something that wasn't available to us through basic tokens.

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