Short vid on BuildAModule Portland training, 10 additions and some updates to the site

Short video on the benefits of training at DrupalCon Portland

We have a great training planned for you, with a ton a really awesome mentors. Watch this short video about the benefits, and then register!


Updates to BuildAModule

Yesterday we released some updates that fixed a couple bugs you folks had found. So now the search bar should play videos properly, and any volume changes persist between video viewings. Woot! We added a couple other bits behind the scenes as well, but if you were waiting for those fixes, take them for a spin.


10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

(FREE!) How to install Panels and what the Page Manager module does - 2:40

Panels really gets a lot of its power from the Page Manager module, which for the most part provides a transparent user interface for Panels. We won't be using Page Manager directly for much, but because it provides the foundation for Panels, it's important to address what it does and why it's so awesome.

(FREE!) How variants work in Panels - 4:22

If you've been following along with this series, you'll be familiar with the idea of variants by your use of the Context module. Variants simply give us a different way to display content in a different context. In this video we start building out our first variant.

How to use the Panels builder layout to understand regions, rows, columns and canvas - 3:46

As part of the process of building our first variant, we have to decide what the layout of the page is going to be. Just like in Display Suite, we can choose from a number of layouts that give us a number of content regions. But, unlike Display Suite, we can easily build our out layout right in Panels, which is what we do in this video with the 'builder' layout.

How to add a panel pane that contains a full node - 1:51

The first content we add to our panel variant is a full node view for our review. It's pretty simple, but in the process we see the depth of content available to use to plug into our panels. Lots of awesome stuff in there!

How to add a pane for a node field and what we still need to complete our Panels layout - 2:13

Now that we've added one panel pane for a full node, we look at adding a single field and do a quick review of what we need to do to complete our panel creation.

How to modify a context with the Context module - 0:55

After adding our sidebar to the panel pane, we now have two places where our product info displays. So in this video we jump into our context and turn off the block we added earlier.

How we will approach aligning the title with the content sidebar in Panels - 1:52

Something that's surprisingly tricky in Panels is lining up the page title with the sidebar regions of a panel page. In this video, we explain the approach we're going to take.

How to install the Meta tags and Token modules - 2:28

The Meta Tags module lets us successfully hide our page title, but still keep it visible as an HTML title tag (which is super important for SEO). In this video we give it an install and for once see a module that gives us what we need without having to do any configuration whatsoever. Ahhh!

Attempting to display the title of our panel by using the node title pane (and failing) - 4:29

Now that we've hidden the title of the page, we give a go at bringing it back by using one of the default panel panes. Starting with this video, we're going to try a number of techniques that fail, but that will help you get familiar with the Panels user interface and see how easily and quickly we can try different approaches.

Why using the page title Panel pane doesn't work for our panel page title - 1:57

In our next attempt to display a title that lines up with our panel page sidebar, we try to use the 'page title' panel pane. It doesn't work, but we explain why just in case you find a use for the pane later on.

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