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Registration is open for the BuildAModule DrupalCon training, and early bird pricing (save $65!) is available until March 29th. You can read more about the training here, but here's the basics:

  • Get access to a bunch of skilled and friendly Drupal trainers all day to get questions answered
  • Get 4 months of BuildAModule access FREE (that's a value of $116)
  • Work at your own pace and focus on material that's just right for where you are.

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Learn more about the BuildAModule story at DrupalCon

Just to put a bug in your ear, I'll be presenting a session at DrupalCon called "Powering a Lean Startup With Drupal", in which I'll be talking about some of the principles behind a series of career shifts that lead me to create BuildAModule. I'll also talk about some of the tools and techniques I've used to stay sane and keep motivation up, and how Drupal factors into all of that. If you're interested, be sure to mark it on your schedule as soon as it's slotted for a time. If you're still on the fence about coming to DrupalCon, let me just say that the connections you make there will more than make up for the costs, I guarantee it.

10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

How to enable a custom view mode and test it out - 2:06

Now that we have our custom view mode, in this video we enable it for our field display and do some re-ordering of fields to make sure it's really working.

How to hide the 'submitted by' information and node title by setting a Display Suite layout - 2:09

Even though that 'submitted by' line gives us some great information about a node, it usually bugs designers to no end. In this video we show you how easy it is to hide this content per content type simply by turning on a Display Suite layout.

How to add a field with custom content to a view mode with Display Suite - 1:43

Something that Display Suite, Panels and Views make relatively easy is injecting custom content into a node display. Here we look at Display Suite's answer to this problem, which is adding a custom code field.

How to choose an image style for a particular context - 1:48

We've already talked about the importance of understanding what context you're configuring for, and in this video we get to anchor that concept by looking at how we decide which image style is right for our particular use case.

(FREE!) When to create a new image style and how to name it - 2:28

In the last video we figured out that it makes more sense to create a new image style for this particular context than re-use an existing one, but what do we name it? In this video we talk about how to sustainably name your image styles, and this includes some important ideas for naming configuration in general.

Creating a backup and nice work (Backup 4) - 0:38

Now that we've made it this far, it's time to back up our work and give ourselves some props. Way to go!

How to display content in a sidebar within the content region using Display Suite - 3:36

As we've already discussed, there's two ways we can display content in a sidebar using Display Suite. In this video we look at the first, which involves using a Display Suite layout and creating regions within our content regions. It sounds confusing at first, but we'll use a similar approach when we start talking about Panels and between the two examples you'll be able to wrap your mind around it, no problem.

(FREE!) How the 'region to block' feature works and what we mean by 'region' - 1:43

The 'region to block' feature of Display Suite is pretty powerful. It gives us the ability to create a region within a region and - here's the confusing kicker - display it within a different theme region. We spend a little time in this video helping to tease out the difference between a theme-based region and a Display Suite layout region, which should help keep confusion to a minimum moving forward.

How to display fields in blocks that can be enabled in theme regions using Display Suite - 6:10

After talking conceptually about the 'region to block' feature, here we put it into action and enable our block. It's pretty cool seeing this work.

Removing the block title, label and shrinking our image style - 1:56

After getting our content to display in the theme sidebar region, we saw that there were a few little bits to clean up with its display. In this video we knock those out like Billy the Kid in a shooting gallery.

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