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How to connect to a MySQL database with PHP - 6:03
In this video we take what we've learned about queries and start to apply it within a PHP script. Our first step is to connect to the database via some simple PHP.

Awesome new videos on working with databases

How to filter SQL query results with LIKE and wildcards - 2:45

Using a standard operator in a query is great when you know the exact value you want to search for, but when you need more flexibility, the LIKE keyword can really come in handy. In this video we demonstrate how LIKE works.

How to create your first database and table - 4:47

After playing around with an existing database, it's time to build ours from scratch. For this we're going to use PHPMyAdmin - the graphical tool that makes stuff like this super simple.

How to change column types using PHPMyAdmin and adding our final entry - 4:04

After entering in a couple records, we discover that our column type isn't quite right, so we modify the type, correct our information, and finish plugging in the data.

How to use AND and LIKE with two wildcards in a query - 5:40

But wait, there's more! In an earlier video we explore using LIKE to pull out database records that roughly match what we're looking for, and in this example we string it together with another kind of operator for an even more specific query.

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