New Videos on Squashing Block Bugs in Drupal 8

After several weeks of building our first block in Drupal 8, this week we wrap it up by troubleshooting some block configuration form issues and also take a broader look at ways we can improve what we've done so far. Enjoy!

(FREE!) How to use the Configuration API as a service - 1:48

In previous examples we were passed a configuration object we could work with, but in our block configuration form we have to figure out how to tap into the dependency injection container and get the service ourselves.

Testing out our module settings and troubleshooting a problem with saving the value - 1:32

In this video we give our module settings page a trial run and discover a bug we’ll have no problem squashing.

Troubleshooting our block configuration form - 3:35

Here we do our final tie-in to make sure our block configuration form is on speaking terms with our module configuration. Again, we run into an unexpected issue but our spirits are not daunted.

Adding a second block and ways to improve our block configuration - 1:24

Now that our block plugin is working exactly like we wanted it to, we step back and discuss what might make it even better.

Have an awesome week!

- Chris Shattuck

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