Hear me speak on work life happiness, join the BuildAModule DrupalCon Portland Training, and of course 10 more videos

DrupalCon training in 3 weeks! Join us!

If you haven't gotten your ticket yet for the BuildAModule Mentored Training at DrupalCon, now's the time! It's a great way to sprint fast up the Drupal learning curve while making connections with a lot of great people. This is our third DrupalCon training, and in previous years we've had awesome feedback. This training is going to be especially useful for teams (I'm looking at you, universities!), though individual site builders, developers or complete noobs are going to enjoy it as well.

You don't have much more time to sign up, and we'd love to see you there. Learn more about the training and the awesome mentors you'll have here (and watch a short video), or sign up here.

Hear me speak at DrupalCon about happiness, productivity and your work life

At DrupalCon I'll be giving a talk on how and why I created BuildAModule, and the principles and steps you can take to get control of your own work life. I'll also talk about ways to leverage Drupal and freelancing to help you take important steps to free up time, increase income and get happier. Here's the full description, and if you're interested, join me in room OR 202 at 4:30pm on Tuesday, May 21.

10 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

(FREE!) Comparison between using Context and the default blocks configuration workflow - 2:30

Now that we've worked through both using Context and the default blocks configuration page a couple times, we can step back and look at the differences between the two workflows and point out the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

The difference between our two views and filling out the views wizard - 2:39

Here we talk briefly about the distinguishing characteristics between the view we just built and the one we're about to build.

(FREE!) How relationships work in Views and how to add a referencing entity relationship - 1:43

For this view, we're going to need some information about a different node type than the one this view is based off of. To get that info, we need a relationship. In this video, we explain what a views relationship is and how we can use one to solve this particular problem.

How to create a contextual filter with a relationship in Views - 2:49

We've created contextual filters before, but in this video we use a contextual filter based off of a relationship. Fancy! Even though it might sound a little daunting, you'll see as we go through the process that it's easier than you might think.

How to use fields or rendered entities when using a relationship in Views - 2:27

Here we look at using either fields or a full rendered entity in our view, leveraging the relationship we just added.

Enabling our product-based block with Context - 0:53

Our next step after building the view is displaying it, and here we do so with the Context module.

How to hide a block title using the Context module and why it's a bad idea - 1:49

Due to the way configuration is saved, we can work around the inability of Context to hide and display block titles by using the default blocks configuration page (something we did earlier in this series). But, the workaround comes at a cost in time and predictability, so we add a little warning in this video.

How to hide a Views block title - 1:38

In this video we talk about a sustainable way to hide block titles in Context that are views-based.

About how we're going to rebuild these views using fields instead of a view mode - 0:56

At this point we've created two views that do the same thing ultimately, but that are based off of different node types. In this video we alter those views to use fields, and in the process discover that this change requires some additional changes.

How rebuilding our review-based view using fields adds complexity - 5:44

When we rebuild our review-based view, in order to get access to the fields we need we will need to add a relationship. In this video we talk about how that adds some complexity to the configuration, bringing it in line with our other view.

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