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What CRUD is (Create, Read, Update, Delete) and how to backup a database in PHPMyAdmin - 2:27

In this video we chat briefly about CRUD - the collection of forms and utilities and is really at the core of working with content in a CMS, and also back up our database so we can easily roll back to a previous version as we make the modifications in our examples.

New videos on all kinds of CRUD!

This week we're looking at creating a simple CRUD system to manage content in our database. That is, we'll build interlinking forms to (C)reate, (R)ead (that's viewing the content), (U)pdate and (D) delete records in our database, without touching the database directly through PHPMyAdmin. This will form the core of some of our next examples were we build a function CMS that includes several of these forms.

How to import from PHPMyAdmin and protect against Cross Site Request Forgeries (CSRF) - 4:23

One of the most common places to overlook security is allowing forms to be submitted on your site from another site, which is called a Cross Site Request Forgery. In this video, we talk about how using variables in the query string can really open you up to this type of attack, and what to do about it.

How to display a list of database data in an HTML table using PHP - 3:21

Part of managing content in our database involves the ability to review a list of our content. In this video we walk through how to create a simple list of our user records.

How to create a "delete" HTML link that deletes a database record - 2:34

In this video, we add a 'delete' link to each record in our record listings page on our way to creating a full CRUD system.

How an INSERT statement is structured, and a demo of our insert form - 2:36

The structure of an INSERT statement should look pretty similar to some of the other queries we've been running, but we'll run into a bit of new syntax. Next up, we'll talk about how we structured our record-adding form.

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