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Get BuildAModule access free with your Acquia subscription

If you or your organization is an Acquia network subscriber at the 'Developer' level or above, then we have some awesome news for you. You can now get BuildAModule membership free wtih your subscription! The partnership between Acquia and BuildAModule was announced today at DrupalCon Munich, and is ready to go right away. It's just a matter of clicking the right button in your subscriber dashboard and you're good to go!
Nothing will be changing for our existing and future BuildAModule members, the partnership just affects those who are using Acquia as well. They do have a pretty great set of services, so if you do become a subscriber later on, you can activate your free BuildAModule membership then.

20% off for everyone else!

For those of you who don't have a membership, you can get 20% off this week of any of BuildAModule's memberships by using the code MUNICH when checking out.

New FREE PHP video tutorial of the week

The pros and cons of using .inc files, and a review of our new file structure - 2:20

In our previous example, we had all of our code in one file. In the updated version of our game, we use several .inc files to split the code up, so here we explain why you might want or might not want to do the same thing with other applications you build. We also do quick review of the file structure of our new version.

New video tutorials on using index and .inc files

How an index.php page works, and a quick demo of our refactored game - 4:38

In our updated version of our text adventure game, we use an index.php file for our home page. In this video we explain how an index file works and do a quick demo of our new code just to verify it works the same as our previous example.

The benefits of creating a function library and reviewing our index and function files - 3:02

Bundling all of your functions into reusable 'libraries' is a great way to get the best mileage out of your code. In this video we look at how we created a library and also do a review of the code in our index file.

Reviewing the updates we made to avoid using global variables - 6:12

One weak point in our game code was the fact that we were using a lot of global variables to pass data around between functions. There are some downsides to this strategy, and we explain how we got around using them at various points in our new game code.

Continuing our review, the benefits of generalizing code and caching data - 6:01

In this video we continue looking at how our code has changed from the last version of our game, and explore how to cache data within a function with a static variable.

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