Free sprint day at Build a (plus new Drupal theming videos)

We're opening up the entire online video library (over 24 hours of video) for free on March 11th for the Drupalcon sprint day. If you plan on participating in any of the sprints, this is a great opportunity to have a quick visual reference library at your fingertips. If you won't be at Drupalcon, you still have full access and can use the day to build some new skills.

If you're currently a subscriber, one way you can help the sprinters is by compiling a list of the videos that have been most helpful to you and post it in your blogs or the BaM community support page. Then send me a link and I'll be sure to add a mention of it to a post that will go out sometime before the sprints. Quick tip: To get a link to a specific video, just right-click on its link on the home page and select "Copy link location".

First videos in the Drupal Theming Essentials series

This week we released the first 5 videos in the new Drupal Theming Essentials series. In this series, we're going to give you all the tools that you need to modify the output of virtually anything in Drupal, from blocks to nodes to links. More importantly, we'll help you answer some common questions like "Where do I put this modification?" or "Do I use a module or a theme for this" or "How to I hide that pesky RSS icon".

Here are some additional topics that we'll be covering over the next several weeks:

  • How to build a theme from scratch
  • The right way to modify or extend a theme
  • How to use sub-themes
  • Using template files and theming functions
  • Conceptual groundwork to get a better idea of where coding and designing end and where theming starts.
  • Lots, lots more!

And below is the list of new videos, in which we cover issues around the ambiguous nature of theming:

Who these theming videos are for and what they do (and don't) cover
In this video, we explain what these theming videos are doing on a site geared towards module building, and what we purposefully exclude in order to focus on the most common and important concepts and techniques. (FREE)

What is the difference between designing, theming and coding, and why do they overlap so much?
This video answers the question of why it is so difficult to draw a line between these different roles, and why do these roles exist in the first place. (FREE)

What are all of the different ways to modify Drupal output?
If you've ever found your head spinning as you attempt to figure out how to modify some output, it might be because there are so many possible approaches. In this video, we discuss different approaches including using CSS, installing contributed modules, and using alter functions within a module. (subscriber-only)

How to determine which method to use when modifying output
Once you're aware of the different approaches for modifying output, this video will help you answer the question of which method to chose for various situations. (subscriber-only)

A conceptual introduction to the Features module for exporting configuration options as code
In general, making output modifications with configuration changes is difficult to maintain and copy from one site to another. However, the Features module offers one solution for this, which may influence whether you take a modular or configuration-based approach to your modifications. (subscriber-only)

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