DrupalCon Schedule and new Drupal videos on extending Drush

Build a Module.com DrupalCon Schedule

If you want to connect with me at DrupalCon, I'd love to meet you or say hi again or whatever we normally do when we see each other. Below are some predictable times where we can run into one another:

Every DrupalCon day

  • Build a Module.com will have all 6 of our DVDs available at the DrupalCon Bookstore for at a 20% discount. Drop by and check it out, along with other great Drupal products (I hear there will be a ton of great schwag there)
  • I will be walking around, sometimes maybe with a giant backpack with a flag. Feel free to stop me and say hi anytime.

Monday, March 19th

  • All day training - Of course, most of you have heard that I will be conducting a full-day training along with 10 (yes, 10!) other amazing, experienced, wonderful Drupal trainers. If you haven't signed up, and are at least a little interested, take a minute to read through the description and watch the video.

Wednesday, March 21st

  • 1:00 - 2:00pm - Watch me present Building Beautiful, Dynamic Forms in Drupal 7. In it I'll walk you through a ton of technical tips for making forms more usable and fun in Drupal.
  • 3:15 - 4:00pm - I will be doing a DVD-signing at the DrupalCon Bookstore. If you want to say hi, get a DVD signed, grab a "Become awesome" sticker, or just lurk about, please come!

I and several other folks who have conducted Mentored Trainings will be getting together for a Birds of a Feather (BoF) to discuss some ideas. If you're interested in conducting one yourself, or you want to give your 2 cents, keep an eye on the BoF schedule. I will also be sure to tweet about it, so feel free to follow us on Twitter.

New Drupal videos on extending Drush

How to review and filter Watchdog log messages with Drush - 3:53

Isn't it a pain to have to fire up the Drupal user interface every time you want to track down some recent activity in your Drupal logs? And your also a little limited in your ability to filter messages and control the type of output. Well, in this video we show you how Dush makes this quick and easy.

How to extend Drush with PHP scripts and run arbitrary PHP on-the-fly - 5:01

Being able to run your own PHP on a Drupal installation on the fly is something that Drupal users have found all kinds of kludgy ways to do, but Drush makes it painless and extensible, and we'll show you how.

How to pass arguments to a custom PHP script for use with the Drush php-script command - 5:42

Being able to run PHP on demand is great, but there be a whole new layer of awesome if you could pass parameters to the PHP via the command line, just like any other Drush command? Well, I hope your awesomeness receptors are at the ready, because here we go...

New FREE Drupal video tutorial of the week

How to add, remove and manage users with Drush - 4:43

Sure, you can wade through clunky forms and exhaust your mouse-clicking finger adding new users, blocking your spammers and pruning those old accounts. Or, you can watch this video and learn a set of more more rapid user management tools that may win you some geek points with command line enthusiasts.

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