Do you want to hear me speak at DrupalCon? (and 10 new Advanced Drupal Site Building videos)

Do you want to hear me speak at DrupalCon?

If you're interested in hearing me speak, the DrupalCon organizers have asked for intelligent comments on the talk proposals. If you're going to be heading to DrupalCon, and either of these talks sound up your alley, please add a comment on the DrupalCon site by clicking the links:

Powering a Lean Startup With Drupal - In this session I'll be talking about how you can leverage Drupal to build up the resources you need to launch a startup. I draw from my own experiences moving from employeeship to freelancing to running BuildAModule, and so if you're interested in a bit of backstory on BuildAModule and what ideas you might be able to apply to your own project, post a comment!

Laying it All Out With Panels, Display Suite, Views and Panels - An hour session isn't long enough to cover all of these awesome modules fully, but in this session I'll talk about how they overlap and some specific ways to apply each one to various layout problems. This is some of the best of what the "Advanced Site Building" video series is going to cover in the upcoming months. If you're interested, please leave a comment!


10 New Advanced Drupal Site Building Videos!

How to use the Coffee module

The Coffee module is a nice, quick way to rapidly navigate to any menu page in Drupal using just a couple keystrokes. We're going to use it throughout this series, so here we install it and give you a quick tour.

How the Navigate module works

Even though we're not going to use it in this video series, Navigate is still a useful module that bundles several features of various administration modules together. In this video we give a quick tour of its features.

How the Backup and Migrate module works and creating our first backup (Backup 1)

Creating regular backups is essential during development and once your site goes live. The Backup and Migrate module helps you do this quickly and reliably. In this video we talk a bit about how the module works and get it installed. The 'Backup 1' in the title of this video indicates that you can restore from the first backup in the resource pack to begin from this video in the series.

How to restore a Backup and Migrate backup

Now that we have our first backup, it's time to give it a test t make sure we know it's working properly. This will also show you how to restore a backup if you begin mid-way through this video series.

How Backup and Migrate works with cron and cache tables

We just created a backup using the default Backup and Migrate settings, but in this video we talk a little bit about what's going on behind the scenes and how we can created regular backups by using a cron job.

How the Module Filter module works

At some point, your module listing page is going to get ugly and really difficult to scan. The Module Filter module enables you to quickly narrow down the types of modules that are listed, and it also adds some utilities for making sure you don't accidentally turn on and off modules.

How the Module Instructions module works

Modules typically come with a useful README file in the module directory, but because it's hidden away in the directory, it's not always the first place you look when getting help. The Module Instructions module reveals links to it on the module page, making it much more accessible, and in this video we look at how it works.

About the Admin module and why we're waiting to install it

Since we're on the subject of useful administration modules, it makes sense to mention a popular additional called Admin. We'll be revisiting Admin when we start digging into working with Context later on, but for now we'll explain why we're satisfied with the Administration Menu module and Coffee for now.

How to set up some basic visual branding

Before jumping into site building a project, it helps to set up a little branding so you know what site you're working on (imaging juggling a dozen projects at a time and they all look the same) and to give it some of the feel that the final product will have. In this video we upload a custom logo and set a grey color scheme. Easy peasy!

A quick summary of our work and backing up (Backup 2)

Having already mentioned how important it is to make regular backups, we're putting our advice into practice while also giving you a way to jump into the series from this point without rolling through all the configuration manually up to this point.

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