Celebrating 1000 videos on BuildAModule and releasing 10 new Drupal videos for free!

BuildAModule 1000th Video Celebration

In September, 2009, BuildAModule launched with 13 videos on Drupal 6 development. Today, nearly 4 years later, we're releasing our 1000th video! I'm celebrating by writing a newsletter and John - who recently started working at BuildAModule - is celebrating by eating eggs. Why no dancers? Why no rooftop party? Because this is business a usual. This is what we do at BuildAModule, we create information packed videos that teach you stuff in a way that's so enjoyable that it feels less like traditional learning and more like Neo groking Kung Fu.

What we will be doing to celebrate is release all 10 of this weeks' videos completely FREE!!! Hopefully that will make a few of you conduct your own personal dance parties.

So, we now have over 1000 videos still relevant to today's Drupal landscape. Does that mean we're going to stop? Heck no! There's a lot more coming down the pikes.

What's A'comin?

This next year we have some exciting things planned. Drupal 8 will be coming out, our team will be getting bigger, and we have a whole slew of experiments that we try out on our viewers - I mean, that is, tons of amazing features we want to build to enhance your learning process! We've heard from you about topics you want covered, little additions you wouldn't mind seeing on the site, and in which remote regions of the world you'd like to have BuildAModule Mentored Trainings. We hope to make it all happen.

Thank you for being a member, a newsletter subscriber, or lurker, keep letting us know what we can do to make you happy.

Video 1000 FTW! (plus a few extras)

(FREE!) How to add a relationship in Panels and how modules share concepts - 3:31

Relationships aren't only for Views, they can also be used in Panels and in a super similar way. In this video we leverage a relationship in Panels to get access to some of our user data.

(FREE!) Adding our bio and homepage link, and how relationship-based substitution names work in Panels - 2:36

In this video we wrap up the re-creation of our "About the author" block in Panels by adding some additional fields. We also talk about how one of our earlier choices affects token-like substitutions.

(FREE!) How to disable a Panels variant - 0:35

Well, we did it. We recreated our block with Panels. Now we need to put it back, so in this short video we disable it to free up some space on the node page.

(FREE!) How to re-create our "About the author" block using a user-based view - 3:32

In this video we begin the process of re-building our "About the author" block using users as a base instead of nodes.

(FREE!) How to get node information in a user-based view using a relationship - 1:22

Here we create a relationship between an author and their content so we can make sure to display the right author on the node pages.

(FREE!) Adding the additional bio, image and homepage link to our user-based view - 2:02

We've done this before, where we flesh out our block by adding additional fields. Get some pretzels, sit back, and - hey, we're done!

(FREE!) Positioning our new "About the author" view block and making a backup (Backup 13) - 3:09

If you're jumping into this series here, you can use the 13th backup in the backups folder of the resource back in order to bring it in line with the videos. You may also need to copy over some modules from the modules folder as well as image resources from the 'files' directory.

(FREE!) How to set up a "top tags" block using a taxonomy-based view - 2:10

Now that we've completed the "About the author" block, we move onto our "Top tags" block, were we get to explore the aggregation tools of Views. Fun stuff!

(FREE!) How to add a relationship and turn on aggregation to allow a "count" field in our view - 3:46

In order to get aggregation to work on our tags block, we need to draw a relationship between the tags and their respective content. In this video we do that, and follow it up by turning on aggregation and adding a 'count' field, which, if I do say so, is pretty dang cool.

(FREE!) How to display views fields inline and sort by aggregated count - 3:19

To get our block looking right requires just a few cosmetic changes, and we tackle those in these video.

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