BuildAModule Refined!

This week we worked hard on refining the new BuildAModule site, adding over 30 improvements. For those of you itching for new videos, they will be coming soon, but we wanted to make sure the new site was solid before we moved on. Below are a few highlights from the updates:


You can now resume from where you left off. Press the purple button at the top of the screen (members-only) or the clock icon in the sticky home page menu. If for some reason you have to re-boot your browser, you can easily find your place.

Keyboard shortcuts

Quickly navigate a video (left and right arrows), change the playback speed (up and down arrows), pause and play (spacebar), mute (m) and go to fullscreen (f) with keyboard shortcuts. See the full list here.

Updated Mentored Training info page

Mentored Trainings are a great, free way to train your team or community. We updated our training resource page to reflect over a year's work of experience with the model, and added templates for the welcome handout, the orientation slideshow, and email communication with your trainers and students. Check out the Mentored Training page to see how easy it is to provide cost-effective, amazing training to virtually anybody.

Fullscreen features

It took us a while, but we finally figured out how to offer all the video player features like next / previous, playback speed, and 'mark as watched' in fullscreen mode. So now if you want to capture every pixel in your device for video playback, you don't have to sacrifice all the other helpful tools.

And lots of other improvements

We made numerous of other updates to the site, too:

  1. Added back support for switching another language for transcripts and captions. You now change your language preference on your account settings page. Many videos have been translated into a dozen languages, including a large portion in Spanish and Hebrew (thank you translators!)
  2. Updated the resource pack to include some missing files, and re-organized according to collection. It should be a bit easier to navigate now.
  3. Improved play button display on video player. Now, it will disappear with the rest of the tools (for cleaner scanning when using the transcript), shows a 'pause' option when the video is playing
  4. Player tools no longer display when hovering or scrolling over transcripts
  5. Made player tools more snappy to load and hide.
  6. Add chapter totals back to the video index page.
  7. Reduced number of taps needed to use video player tools on devices with touchscreens.
  8. Added a double-tap exit feature for devices with touchscreens where the close button may be hard to tap.
  9. Added ability to exit out of 'play next video' overlay.
  10. Added 'top' to library jump menu to quickly jump to top of page.
  11. Increased the number of options for variable playback. Using the up and down arrow keys, you can go all the way up to 3x speed and down to .5x in increments of .2.
  12. Modified how the player handles errors. For those of you who have had to restart your browsers after seeing errors that start with 'html5:', the changes should fix this.

This next week we'll be doing some collection clean-up based on issues we've seen with new students getting started in Mentored Trainings, and then we're on to some new videos!

Thank you, and if there's anything else you'd like to see on the site, please let us know!

Chris Shattuck

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