BuildAModule Mentored Trainings: Free, Amazing, and Effective!

We've recently been receiving a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback from our in-person BuildAModule Mentored Trainings and how they're the perfect environment for learners to get the one-on-one help they need in order to discover solutions both in and out of the classroom. Because BuildAModule provides everything that you need for free, it's an easy and cost-effective way to train your organization, community, or Drupal user group!

Learn How to Organize a FREE Mentored Training Today!

Since the ever-growing video library at BuildAModule covers such a broad range of topics, it's very easy for people to create their own personal roadmap to success, whether they're new to Drupal or already an advanced developer. If every learning experience is an adventure, then a BuildAModule Mentored Training is like a guided group tour where everyone along for the ride is encouraged to interact with one another, ask questions, and socialize to expand their network.

The Juilliard School IT Department recently conducted a Mentored Training to get their staff and community up-to-speed after they transitioned their website to Drupal, DrupalCamp Colorado used one to help kick start their festivities last month, and the friendly folks at Advantage Labs are set to host a sold-out Mentored Training this week at DrupalCamp Twin Cities. Here are some of the things people had to say about our Mentored Training at this year's DrupalCon:

"This is the greatest way to learn a new CMS…"

"This training was perfect for my skill set."

"Great training format with a ton of hands on experience."

"The one to one interaction in this training cannot be compared to anything else. This was by far the best training I've been able to attend!"

"I'm not a web developer and from just a few hours watching Chris's videos and a few more minutes asking questions I know how to create a website w. event calendar!!! THANK YOU CHRIS AND EVERYONE! So excited :) :)"

For more information about how you can organize a Mentored Training, visit and contact with any additional questions.


5 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

How to add our sub-theme CSS file, enable the theme and adjust its settings - 2:31

Now that we have our sub-theme built, we add our CSS file, enable the theme and tweak a couple of settings that we had already edited in our previous theme.

Summary of steps we took to create a sub-theme - 1:51

If you're the skip-ahead type, this video summarizes the steps you need to take to create most sub-themes, and in particular Bartik sub-themes. Looking at it as a bullet list should help illustrate how creating a sub-theme is nothing like rocket science.

How to add color selector integration into our Bartik sub-theme - 3:12

Since you might be a stickler for getting your theme that nice grey look we've been using this whole time, we cover how to leverage the Color module in your sub-theme to make it work just like the base Bartik theme for color-arranging.

(FREE!) How to add a CSS class to a Views field and float an image to the right - 2:21

Whew! Why did we build that sub-theme again? Oh yeah, to float our blog images to the right. In this video we do just that.

How to add a CSS class to a Views row and how the 'clearfix' class works - 1:15

Adding the image float to our blog post images kind of made things a little ugly, so in this video we demonstrate how to add one of Drupal's default classes for creating the right kind of spacing between our posts. When we're done, things start looking pretty again.

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