BuildAModule Membership Maps, FREE 24-hour Passes, Bugs Squashed and Meet in at DrupalCon Austin

Map of BuildAModule Members

Orders come into BuildAModule daily from all over the world, but I wanted to get a sense of just how broad the our user base was. So, I put together a quick interactive map using AMCharts, pulling data directly form our orders database to see just how much of the world has been BuildAModuled. here's what that looks like, with countries having made a purchase in blue:

I created this map to visualize our membership, but I wonder if maybe this map has more to offer. While this just illustrates one company's order activity, it also might be generally representative of where Drupal is most popular and also which countries might have issues making purchases for US-based products. While the two causes might be unrelated, it seems likely that the process of learning Drupal would be hindered if one can't take advantage of books or video training distributed from the US.

So, if you are from any of the countries not highlighted above, let us know what we can do to help get training to your area. Is it an issue with the US dollar exchange rate? Does Drupal not have a solid foothold yet? Is English not widely spoken in your area? Is there generally poor internet access? We'd like to do what we can to help Drupal communities grow, so let us know what you need by responding to this email or filling out our contact form.

And just in case you're curious, here's a map of purchases made in the US, broken down by state (yeah, that's all of them):

You can take a look at these live maps in higher resolution and interactivity on our maps page.

Upcoming FREE day for DrupalCon Sprints!

We're offering BuildAModule for FREE to anyone around the world who wants to help with the DrupalCon sprints, or just wants to beef up your knowledge so you can help with the sprints next time. On June 5th, just go to and claim a free 24-hour pass.

Meet me at DrupalCon Austin

In addition to organizing and mentoring at the BuildAModule training at DrupalCon Austin, I (Chris Shattuck) will be wandering around the hallways of the Austin Convention Center, hoping to meet you! Feel free to pull me aside to let me know what you really think about BuildAModule or just say hello. I'll likely be wearing an orange BuildAModule T-shirt and will look something like this:


A few squashed bugs on

A recent update to the Chrome browser caused the videos on BuildAModule to play erratically. If you ran into this problem, please accept my apologies. But we spent some time working on this and got it fixed! So, if you love Chrome and had to switch to a different browser, feel free to come on back. Along the way we fixed a couple other issues that may have been bugging you (so to speak):

  1. Transcript links now work. So, you can right-click on any part of a transcript, copy the link and visit it later to start playing the video back at exactly that position. This is great for personal bookmarks.
  2. The count above the transcript which should tell you where you are in the collection now shows the right number (sorry about that!).
  3. Images in video updates are now clickable. When we released the big update to our site recently, it broke the ability to view larger versions of the images in the video updates. No longer!

As always, if there's anything you'd like to see added or updated on BuildAModule, please just let us know.

Have a great week!

- Chris Shattuck

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