Announcing the new "Front End Development" series with two free teaser videos

Front End Development Cover

At long last, we're announcing a new series called Front End Development. Woot! Today the first two videos are being released, but next week we're going to drop 50 videos all at once. BAM! For those of you that have been waiting for some new material, this will be a humble thank you for your patience.

This collection has been a lot of fun to make. It took a ton of research and planning, but the result is something that I believe can become a critical part of the journey for anyone wanting to become a front end developer or modernize their existing front end skill set. And, (nudge, nudge) those skills are becoming more and more in-demand.

Here's a few highlights from the vast number of topics covered:

  1. How to use Basic HTML and CSS
  2. How to write semantic HTML
  3. How to code a responsive design
  4. How to work with responsive images
  5. How to code for accessibility
  6. How to measure and improve front-end performance
  7. How to use CSS preprocessors like SASS
  8. How to use the SMACSS system for structuring CSS
  9. How to automate time-consuming tasks with Grunt
  10. And more!

You can start this series without any prior experience with HTML or CSS and work your way up to using the tools and techniques some of the most advanced front-end developers employ. Check out the videos below to learn more and get started.

A couple other things

First, I released a few bug fixes. Now you can use the SPACEBAR to start and pause the movie without clicking on the video first. Also, clicking the transcript to navigate the video works a bit more predictably.

Second, I'm exploring the idea of adding some live-action videos to BuildAModule to explore topics that are a bit more behind-the-scenes. Stuff that's maybe hard to cover using a screencast or animation. If you get a chance, take a gander at this first attempt and let me know what you think. They'll get better and more tuned to what you're looking for over time, I promise, but this is just a test to see how it flies.

Screenshot for Would you like to hear more about behind-the-scenes at BuildAModule?

Thanks, and enjoy the new videos! Remember to keep an eye out for the massive release next week as well.

Why this series exists and what we'll be covering New!
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Screenshot for Why this series exists and what we'll be covering

I've been looking forward to making this series for a long time now. The front-end world has changed dramatically over the last few years and there are some excellent tools that makes it possible to build and manage much more complicated projects. But, a lot of us are also starting from scratch, with little or no experience with the three basic web site building blocks: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So, this series is intended to both cover the basics and help us get to the point where we can integrate tools like the CSS preprocessor SASS, Grunt and Gulp, responsive design and those elusive responsive images. Along the way we'll also tackle accessibility, performance and SEO.

What front end development means New!
(This one's FREE!)

Screenshot for What front end development means

Before we dive in, we take a few minutes to talk about what we mean by 'front end', and why many developers are focusing on building their front-end skill set.

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