Advanced Site Building Video Series is Released as a Download!

One of our most popular video series so far is being released as a download today! If you'd like to take "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7" on the go, or watch it in crystal-clear HD, now you can! If you've been waiting for this (and we know there's a bunch of you out there), here are some quick links:

In "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7", we cover some of the most powerful tools for site building and dive deep into them. Just some of the features of this 200+ video series:

  • How to use Panels to lay out content
  • How to use Views' more complicated and useful features
  • How to decide which methods to use for site layouts
  • How to build a sub-theme quick
  • How to import content with Feeds and Feeds Tamper
  • And lots, lots more!

If you're curious about our other purchasing options, take a look at our pricing page. Or, if you'd like to preview some of the first videos in Advanced Site Building for FREE, start here.

Upgraded Download Package

In addition to our new series release, we've also upgraded the download package to include captions for the hard of hearing. We also improved the meta data structure so you can import into iTunes more easily, do away with chapter folders without losing the order of videos, and easily import all your downloads and have them be perfectly organized.

We will be rolling this new package out for our other downloads as well in the near future, but it's available immediately for the "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7" collection.

5 NEW videos added in "Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7"

Backing up our work (Backup 16) - 0:51

If you're jumping into this series here, you can use the 16th backup in the backups folder of the resource back in order to bring it in line with the videos. You may also need to copy over some modules from the modules folder as well as image resources from the 'files' directory.

Overview of additional slideshow-related modules - 4:04

Views Slideshow gives you a ton of tools and flexibility for building virtually any kind of slideshow you can think of. But, there are some other modules out there that expand on Views Slideshow or that offer an entirely different interface. In this video we do a quick overview of those.

(FREE!) The 3 levels of comment security - 3:23

In this final section of "Advanced Site Building", we're going to be looking at preparing a site for spam before you go live, and what you can do to switch strategies mid-stream. In this first video we talk about three general layers of tools available.

About spam protection on other forms, including the user registration form - 0:41

Even though we're focusing on a comment form for this example, there are usually a lot of forms in a Drupal installation, and one of the most vulnerable is the user registration form. Here we talk briefly about what to do with those other forms.

What questions to ask clients (or yourself) before setting up commenting - 2:51

Comments in Drupal have a lot of options, and the level of security you need depends in large part on project requirements. Do you want to open up anonymous posting? Will you require CAPTCHAs? What will you do if spam gets out of hand? In this video we outline the most important questions to ask before configuring your comment system.

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