Advanced Site Building DVD Released, and More OOP Basics!

"Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7" is Released on DVD!

At long last, the Advanced Site Building in Drupal 7 collection is released as a DVD for all those who like to have shiny, new things to put up on their shelves. Offline viewers and on-the-go-learners can also pick up the full series as a download, available in both HD and Standard formats.

That's not all that's new this week. We also have five new videos in our ongoing Drupal 8 Developer Prep series, as we dive deeper into Object Oriented Programming! 


5 NEW videos added in "Drupal 8 Developer Prep"

Walkthrough of our procedural code example, part 3 (processing the form) - 4:46

Here we wrap up our overview of our sample code before we start to convert it into object-oriented code. It may seem like there's a lot there, but we need something with some guts to really see the benefits of using classes instead.

How to derive objects from procedural code - 1:45

One of the first things you'll probably do when converting your own code to object-orientation is try to pick out what the objects are. Sometimes this is pretty straightforward, and other times it will more of a challenge, but in this video we look at how to find the objects in our procedural code example.

(FREE!) How classes are structured, what methods and properties are, and how a constructor works - 4:45

If you've never seen a class before, there's a few technical pieces to learn. In this video we cover the basic structure of a class, we point out the role of methods and properties (which are actually class-based functions and variables) and discuss the role of a constructor when creating new objects.

How to name classes and methods according to both Drupal and general standards - 1:14

You have some freedom when you name your classes and methods, but if you follow some basic guidelines you will find that your code becomes more portable and recognizable down the road.

How a class structure makes the relationship between methods explicit - 2:31

One of the biggest immediate payoffs to working with classes instead of plain functions is that you can establish a relationship between functions and variables (or, methods and properties) in an explicit way. This means you can take out the guesswork when it comes to figuring out exactly which functions match up with other functions, and how they work together.


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